Every Instagram user wants to have a massive following and countless likes on their account. While this may be a good and attractive thing to have, it doesn’t help much if the numbers are not giving any returns.

Time is money, and since you are investing much of it on Instagram, you should be able to get it back in form of cash. That is why it is important to only gain the right following and maintain it.

The tips discussed below will not only help you get Instagram followers quickly, but you will also be able to make the most out the numbers.

Follow each of these tips to a successful online presence on Instagram.

1. Target one niche and stick to it

Resist the temptation of becoming a jack of all trades’. It doesn’t matter how many things you are good at when it comes to growing your Instagram following quickly, you want to stick to one thing. This is especially practical when your goal is to become an Instagram influencer. The benefits of sticking to one niche include: Your followers will see you as an expert in that particular area, you will dedicate valuable time to grow that specific niche, and it will be easier to get business deals from brands that deal with products and services in your niche.

2. Optimize your profile for the maximum following

Create an Instagram profile that is interesting and appealing to people. It is amazing how you can use Instagram to change how people view you in real life, so try as much as possible to create a real-life profile. Your name, your description, your picture should reflect what and who you really are. People will quickly follow real people on social media. Steer away from socially unacceptable practices like nudity or obscenity on your profile.

3. Increase your visibility

You can do this by promoting your account through your mailing list. When you send out newsletters, place a link to your profile at the footer section. If you have a blog or website, it is also wise to include an Instagram badge at a strategic location for your visitors to see. This will automatically convert your website visitors to your new Instagram followers. You can also ask your followers on other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to follow you on Instagram.

4. Stay informed on current issues

If you didn’t know, one of the best time to gain followers quickly on Instagram is when there is a social media buzz about something that just happened. This will help you come up with relevant posts, and none of your comments on arising topics will sound irrelevant. You will never run out of content, and something else I call context.

5. Get and give the news first

Since most people are on social media for information and being on the know, be the one to satisfy this pressing need. You will be surprised at how many followers you can get just after being among the first to break the news to the world. You can also create viral hashtags out of breaking stories or help promote new hashtags from gig news agencies.

6. Sign up for a real promo service

Though it might be challenging to find a real promo service that will give your account real followers, there are some that actually work. A good example is InstaNobel. They have a unique way of promoting your account that yields a massive following whether you are online or offline. You can check out their website here.

7. Be useful and stay relevant

When you are on the course of attracting more followers to your Instagram account, it is easy to get distracted. To prevent this from happening, plan all your activities and stick to the plan. Think of your followers and what they feel about the content on your account. Put yourself in the shoes of a new visitor who views your profile for the first time. This perspective will enable you to come up with a social media presence that adds value to the masses. In the end, you will find that your visitors will promote your account to their friends for free.

8. Schedule your posts

To keep your account active at all times, create a schedule for your posts. You can start by scheduling 2 photos or videos and 5 Instagram stories daily. You can also post at least one live video every day at the same time. InstaNobel helps you schedule all your Instagram posts and manages your activity when you are offline.

9. Follow 50 people every hour

Since you are an active Instagram user, 90 -100% of the people you follow will always follow back. Following 50 people per hour should be a good rate if you do not want to get banned from following any more users.

10. Make use of creative hashtags

Look beyond the obvious one-word tags because they do not work. Borrow ideas from already established Instagram users. Use services like Google Trends to know what people are talking about online and build creative tags out of such topics. Be known as the guy who is never boring on Instagram.

11. Discover and participate in viral topics and conversations

Again, this is one of the best times to gain new followers. When participating in popular conversations, keep your input short and meaningful. Get people to support your ideas and contributions on arising matters. Always have something for universal evergreen hashtags like #tbt, #blackfriday, #instagood, and #photooftheday. Make meaningful noise on Instagram because it pays off.

12. Be descriptive with captions

Do not let your pictures speak for themselves. Tell a story for every picture you post. This will build engagement on each post you make. Also, try to add a call to action at the end of each caption. Ask your visitors what they think, or to share your story with their friends. Don’t even worry about how good you are in writing, just don’t leave your pictures dry without words.

13. Make use of other influencers

Mark certain influencers in your niche and reach their followers too. Study the strategy of these influencers but do not copy them. Be your own original version and improve on what their followers complain about. Turn on post notifications on their content and be among the first to interact with them on important posts. You will almost immediately notice that your account is getting new followers from your favorite influencer’s follower list.

14. Clean up your account

Always check your account for unwanted photos that you have been tagged in. It is important to have only the best quality content about you and your brand. If there is anything on your account that is working against your campaign to gain more followers, hide it from your profile.

So that is how you get Instagram followers quickly. Keep in mind that it is not only about getting millions of followers, but it is also about getting the right following for business.

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