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What is Amazon intellectual property (IP)

This policy provides an overview of intellectual property (IP) rights and some common IP concerns that might arise when selling on Amazon. When you sell on Amazon. You must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and Amazon policies applicable to your products and product listings You may not violate the IP rights of brands or other rights owners Violating this policy may result in loss of selling privileges or other legal consequences.

There are 3 main types of Intellectual Property rights:

1. Copyrights are legal protections for original works of authorship
2. Trademarks are legal protections for a word, symbol, design, or combination of the same that a company uses to identify goods and services
3. Patents are legal protections for inventions

Amazon’s Intellectual Property enforcement

Responding to an IP infringement notice. If you receive a notice or warning for infringement and you believe the rights owner or Amazon made an error, you may appeal or dispute the claim.

Types of Notice or Warning

.For a product, you never listed on Amazon
.If you have an established relationship with the rights owner
.Trademark or Counterfeit infringement on the product or packaging
.Trademark or Counterfeit infringement on the product detail page
.Patent infringement
.Copyright infringement

Multiple warnings of IP infringement. If you have received multiple warnings of IP infringement and you believe you are selling non-infringing products, submit an appeal via Seller Central with the following information:

A list of the allegedly infringing ASINs and at least one of the following, as applicable:

a. Invoices proving the authenticity of your products (you may remove pricing information); OR

b. Amazon order IDs demonstrating product authenticity; OR

c. An authorization letter from the rights owner (cannot be a forwarded email); OR

d. A court order finding that your product does not infringe the asserted IP, or that the asserted IP is invalid or unenforceable.

Account suspension

If your account has been suspended because of notices of IP infringement against your products or content, you can provide us with a viable Plan of Action. To learn more, refer to Create a plan of action to reinstate selling privilegesYou should send your Plan of Action via your account dashboard or reply to the account suspension notification that you received. We will evaluate your Plan of Action and determine if your account may be reinstated. Note that Amazon terminates the accounts of repeat infringers in appropriate circumstances.

Sellers are expected to follow the law

Amazon takes claims of IP infringement seriously. Even if a seller is an infringing IP without knowledge, we will still take action and the seller’s account might receive a warning or be suspended. You should consult an attorney for help to ensure that you have the right procedures in place to prevent IP infringement.

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