Many people struggle with depression on a daily basis. Sometimes depression can be an ongoing thing in someone’s life, something that never seems to be relieved, present in every situation and social interaction. Other times, it follows a traumatic event or some kind of occasion, like a break up or a death or the loss of a job or some other personal trouble that makes a person feel low and badly for months on end. No matter what kind of depression, or the causes, it can really have bad effects on the people that suffer from it.

Depression causes a person to lose interest in ordinary things, to lack zeal about all things that had at one point been a source of personal stimulus. Sometimes depression cannot be distinguished from ordinary blues or feeling down and that is why people just assume that they are going through a rough patch and it will work itself out with time, but actually, depression can be a persistent problem that can only grow worse if not identified and treated.

Some ways to know if you are depressed is to gauge your feelings and reactions to things. If you realize that something you once loved to do, whether it is shopping, playing sports, seeing friends, or reading or watching television now just seems pointless and mundane, then that could be a sign, because a sense of losing interest is one of the main symptoms.

Also, the sense of withdrawal from everyone and everything couples that symptom, so if you feel like you do not want to see anyone, don’t want to hang out with friends or go to the movies or talk to your family members anymore, then it could be that you feel too depressed and exhausted and are coiling within yourself and shutting the world out. This, though a symptom, is also a factor that exacerbates depression as it causes a person to create a self induced state of isolation that forces them into a silent world where they think no one could possibly understand. In this place, they refuse to purge their feelings and instead let them fester where they only get worse and more troublesome.

Another symptom is irritability or a sense of hostility toward the world. If you find yourself losing your temper at small things or feeling hateful and resentful toward friends and family for reasons that are not their fault, then it might be that you are depressed so thoroughly that you see the world as a hateful and barren place and want to take out all of your anger on it. In this case, you really need to seek some treatment and help, because these symptoms will hinder your entire life, socially, in the workplace, and personally, too.

Talking about these feelings is the first step to realizing them. Being aware of what you are going through and making sure that these things don’t linger inside of you forever is one way to make sure that you are taking a step toward recovery and healing. Talk to a friend, a family member, or to a professional therapist, but make sure that you talk these things out and you will be surprised at how much that helps you.

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Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for Polomercantil