How to buy Puerh tea with good workmanship, qualified quality and high cost performance is a matter of concern to all people who love Puerh tea. So today, NaturalPuerh will discuss with you, how to buy good Puerh tea?

When we look at the world with colored glasses, the world will only reflect the color of the glasses, and so does tea. Therefore, we have to put down the concepts of hilltops, brands, stories.Because these do not represent the quality of tea. Only by talking about things and tea, can we price our products from a reasonable and fair standpoint.

First of all, a mountain has many grades and types of tea; a brand has high-end and low-end tea products; what mountain, tree age, brand, story, source, we just use it as a chat after the tea, because this and tea itself The quality is not directly related.

I said it was five hundred years old, did you believe it? I just heard about it. Even a tea grower, he must have no idea how many years his tea plant has been. No one will cut down the tree in order to know how many years it is! Not all ancient trees in a forest are of a single year.

Secondly, climate, brewing method, tea drinking environment, and physical condition will also affect the performance of tea. If you encounter your favorite tea, you can often buy a single cake or try the tea set a few times.

At the same time, it is necessary to compare several brands on the market. Because many brands have relatively large circulation in the market. Only by comparing different brands and different tea products can blind faith and blindness be avoided.

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