Remember when your mother used to tell you to eat your vegetables because they were good for you? But you didn't want to because you didn't like them?

Now you're on your own, and you can eat what you like, but you don't feel right. You're tired. Constipation is bothersome. You don't have that energy you used to.

You know you should be eating a healthier diet, but you can't find the time. Or you don't like fruits and vegetables. You cannot force yourself to eat them. What to do then? There is another solution. It is almost as effective as Mother Nature's fiber and vitamins, offering a good alternative.

You can take Balance of Nature capsules or powder. This company takes all-natural produce and dries it, then grinds it into a fine powder, packing the nutrition into capsules. Swallow down your daily dosage and off you go, to start feeling better with more energy and more enthusiasm for life.

The traditional way of obtaining your nutrition and fiber from plants is still the best. So, what can you do about improving your diet?

Eat some fruit with breakfast. You can have melon or apple slices, pineapple, or grapefruit. Fresh fruit is always the best. Try to eat the fruits that are in season. Put strawberries or blueberries on your cereal. Add some carrot sticks with lunch and a broccoli dish with dinner. Eat what you like but add those vegetables.
When you add fruit and veggies to your menus, make the portions large. Get in plenty of that fiber and the vitamins that only plants contain.
Do you cook? Use fruits and veggies in your entrees. Instead of chicken alfredo, make chicken alfredo with broccoli. Add spinach to your omelets. Make carrot cake. Every addition helps. If you're still in school, take some of the fruit in the cafeteria to eat with lunch. Or have a salad.
Instead of getting snacks from a vending machine, slip some baby carrots or apple slices or grapes into a zip lock bag and take it with you in the morning to chew on.
Experiment with new foods. If you've never tried Asian pears, buy a couple, and eat them. Expand your dietary tastes to include fruits and vegetables from around the world. Once a week or so, test out new food. Be adventurous with your diet.

After two to three weeks of eating fruits and vegetables, you will notice a difference in how you feel. Your body will have more energy. Your digestive system will regularize, and constipation will disappear. You will feel lighter, more awake, and ready for life.

No matter how you increase the amount of plant nutrition in your diet, your life will improve. Humans are omnivores. We require both animal and plant nutrition. We cannot live on cheeseburgers and French fries alone. And no. The potatoes do not count as vegetables.

So, start eating your fruits and veggies, just like your mom said. You'll be feeling better in no time. (Don't you hate it when your mom's right?)

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