Getting free things is quite an awesome experience. Especially because you don’t have to spend on it. Everyone wants to get free samples as getting free samples lifts your spirit. These free samples must have incurred a cost of production so why would anyone give away free products? The samples are mainly given by companies who are introducing a new product in the market. Free samples are a way of marketing. So there’s nothing wrong with accepting them.

Free samples vary from different products and companies; they can be food items, makeup, perfumes, beauty products and many more.

Getting free samples can be demanding in terms of the requirements. There are few steps one needs to consider. Most of the samples provided are unique and designed for a specific group of consumers. This may be in terms of age or gender. It is important to put this into consideration when filling the free samples form. Most companies that give away these samples do this with the aim of attracting a specific group of people. Using free samples is a popular strategy used by companies to introduce their products. In the case the products amuse you, you will likely make more purchases at the stores. No matter the case, the free samples are good motivators to consumers.

Some of these samples come with coupons. Coupons are very useful and come in handy when you want to make a purchase. The next time you visit the store, you can redeem the coupon.

Getting free samples is nice, but to achieve this, you must meet the specifications set out by the company. Your profile must meet their specifications. For more chances ensure that you always read out the instructions written. Most instructions are written in tiny letters at the bottom of the samples. Ensure that the feedback provided is nothing but the truth.

You can take the following measures when handling freebies and samples;

  1. Whenever you receive a free sample, make a point of filling the feedback and mailing it back. This might seem like a thank-you note to the company but may earn you another box of free samples.
  2. Other companies always provide a platform to submit the review. You can always make a point of doing a review of the products. Flowever, when doing this, ensure you provide factual information, sincere and honest opinion. This will earn you constituent number of freebies. Most companies do this via the online platform.
  3. Before you submit the form, ensure that you have provided the correct email address. Most of these companies carry out their communication via email. Kindly follow up on the emails you receive from the company. Most companies will give you tasks that will earn you the samples. In case you are assigned tasks ensure you complete them as required. As already mentioned, always ensure that you provide correct information when doing this. Keeping a close watch for the companies email will earn you a chance.
  4. Most people, if not everyone, wants a free sample and coupons. For this reason, most companies hide their free samples in different sites. You can also step further and research via the internet on companies offering these samples. Be a step ahead of others. Put in mind that free samples are limited to some people.


Always remember, free samples are offered in good faith so never shy away from accepting them. For more information on this subject or if you are looking for just freebies, follow the link below.

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