When we walk down the street, we tend to see happy consumers everywhere without a care in the world. The unfortunate reality however is that the average consumer carries thousands of dollars in charge card account debt. Looking for forms of debt relief that don't have a negative affect on credit scores, a lot of consumers feel trapped behind the wall of credit card bills that they have to try every month to figure out how to pay! Well, I have some good news for you! There are a couple ways to get a bit of charge card debt relief that you may not have thought of. The best part is, these ways don't have an adverse affect on credit scores.

The first way that many Americans have been getting relief from charge card debt is by using balance transfer charge card accounts. Although, this will only work for consumers with good to excellent credit, for those who will qualify, the relief provided will be tremendous. The process is pretty simple. All Americans will need to do is look for a balance transfer charge card that provides a 0% interest rate for at least 12 months. Once approved for this charge card, Americans should transfer the high annual percentage rate debt to the 0% balance transfer card. There are however a few things that consumers should remember when using balance transfer charge cards to relieve debt:

1. First, always make sure that the standard interest rate on the new balance transfer credit card account is lower than the standard interest rate on the credit card account the balance is being transferred from. If it is not, when the introductory rate expires, consumers may find themselves in the same position or worse!
2. Keep an eye on annual fees! Balance transfer credit cards tend to have higher annual fees. Always be aware of and agree to the annual fee for any charge card product before making the decision to fill the application

For those who may not qualify for balance transfer charge card accounts, there is a way for you to get relief without harming credit as well. This is through working with banks. Sadly, people have a general thought that banks are huge evil corporations that don't care about their customers. Well, let's be realistic, if this was the case, the banks would have no customers and we would have no banks!

Sometimes, debt relief can be as simple as picking up the phone and calling the charge card account company! When you call, ask to speak with the financial hardship department. In this department, you will be able to discuss your options with a skilled representative. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to someone that can truly help you!

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