Getting your driving license suspended is not a good thing as you won’t be driving a vehicle for some time. It is advisable not to drive while your license is suspended as you can get in trouble with authorities.


Reasons Why Your Driving License is suspended:


There are various reasons that can lead to your suspended driving license. The main reasons why your driving license is suspended include-


  • Not paying court fines lead to your driving license getting suspended due to traffic violation or any other criminal offense.


  • If you are caught for DUI or DWI, then you are in great danger as your license can be suspended for a long time and you may be charged with vehicle felony.


  • Driving without insurance can also lead to suspension of your driving license, so it is advisable to always get your car insured to avoid such circumstances.


Your driving license can get suspended due to these offenses and it is up to you to avoid these situations and drive responsibly.


But if you have a suspended driving license, then it is advisable to tell your insurer about it and he/she will guide you ahead. To know how to get cheap car insurance for suspended license, go through the next section.


How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Suspended License?


It is advisable to get insurance while your license is suspended because if you break any laws and in case of accidents or traffic violations, your insurance company may cover you. To get the insurance you have to-


Apply for a Conditional License


If you are able to file for a conditional license, then some insurance companies are ready to insure you and provide your car with some protection. But you’ll be only eligible for ‘Non-Standard Insurance’, specially designed for high-risk drivers.


A hardship license is also known as a restricted license re-establishes your license only conditionally if your license was suspended due to traffic violations. If you have another suspension before, then it is not possible to get a restricted license. This license will only allow you to drive for essential purposes only, like going to school or office or to hospital.


To get a conditional license, take official driving tests and get enough score so you can apply for a restricted license.


Get SR-22 Insurance


If your license was suspended because of serious traffic violations like DUI or DWI and due to driving without any insurance, you are required to get SR-22 insurance until your license is suspended. This policy is quite handy while your license is suspended as your insurer will file a form with the authorities to attest that you have all the insurance coverage you required.


Most of the insurance companies will offer you SR-22 but some standard insurance companies may not offer you this insurance and you may have to go with non-standard car insurance policies.


Got your license suspended? No worries, getting car insurance with a suspended license is now an easy process with Alias Insurance as we offer the best services and quotes from your local insurance companies.  



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