Beachy waves have grown to be the coiffure of a generation. We have seen many iconic hairstyles over the years. The perm was a great style of the '80s. Rachel stood out in the '90s. The pin-straight hair characterized the '00s. Beachy waves are as iconic as these hairstyles. Curling tongs are great for creating curls. But flowing waves are the easiest to fashion with a traditional straightener. Next is an infallible step-by-step guide on how to get beach waves hair with a straightener. Here you can check private label flat iron.

It's essential to use the correct straightener
All straighteners are not the same. Ladies should never make concessions when they want a quality hair job. They should refrain from Low-quality straighteners when they will be using high temperatures to obtain good results. They are going to damage their hair structure and will cause breakage and split ends.

The right choice is a straightener that can hold the right styling temperature of 185°C. It should also adapt to the speed of styling and hair thickness.

Ladies should ensure that the hair is protected from styling heat

First, ladies should comb their hair to do away with any tangles or knots. They will get in the way of the styling. They should ensure that their hair is supple and guarded against the styling heat. To that end, they must apply a quality heat protectant spray. What is the purpose of the spray? Their hair becomes more flexible and thus holds a shape easier. It also prevents heat damage and makes their hair even.

Then they must section their hair off

Sectioning hair has always been vital for achieving trendy styles. By parting the sections in the right places, ladies will be styling their hair like an expert within minutes.

For beach waves, ladies would do well by making sections of approximately 10 cm high. They should begin at their neck and go straight up row for row vertically until their upper head. They should section the side parts last. A tail comb is excellent for sectioning off the hair.

Performing the right twist is vital to how to get beach waves hair with a straightener

Next, they take an approximately 5 cm wide section to start styling and take it up with the straightener. The width of the section they take up depends on how thick their hair is. They should grasp the straightener bottom up and keep it at a distance of approximately 2cm from their scalp. They should then move the straightener down and twist it 360° while doing so. They should do two things while moving the straightener down. What are they?

One is to not do the ends of the hair. They should put pressure on the straightener while pulling it downwards. They should complete the downward pull in one even movement. In this way, their hair length stays right, and their hair gets a beautiful movement.

They should take care that they curl their front and side parts correctly

How to get beach waves hair on the front parts? There are two ways to curl the front parts. Ladies can curl them in the direction of the face or away.

However, there's a rule of thumb to follow while curling sections around the face. It is to start from about ear height. This approach enables a natural look.

Many prefer their beach waves to go towards the outside. They should grasp the straightener the same way, which is bottom-up. Now, they should take up a smaller section of hair of approximately 3 cm. They should pull the hair from ear height towards the backside of their head and not downwards. They should twist the straightener 360° during the movement.

Many like their beach waves to fall into their face. They must pull their straightener towards the front.

They continue curling sections around the face by working from the right side to the left and the other way round. They stop when the section is wholly curled.

Now it’s time to make another section of approximately 10 cm high and work the straightener through that section. Ladies should keep on doing this until they reach their forehead and side.

That finishes the curling of the beach wave.
At this point, the hair will be warm from all the styling done. Ladies should leave their hair to cool and then comb it. A wide-toothed comb would be right for combing the hair. Ladies can also use their fingers.

However, they must never resort to a hairbrush. A hairbrush is going to even out their curls to a great extent and make their hair frizzy.

Now, ladies have to take care that their hairstyle will stay put all through the day. It's imperative. What is the point of creating a new hairstyle that will give way in a short time?

What should they do to lock in their beach waves?

A flexible hairspray will lend their new beach wave style a natural hold and make it last throughout the day. They should never apply a hairspray that has a firm grip as it can lend the beach waves a “cement-like” look. There are several hairsprays available that accomplish this purpose.

They provide a flexible hold that lasts for a long and adapts to the natural movement of the hair. As they are extra fine, they feel nearly weightless on the hair. They are a must for ladies who have thin or fine hair. A significant advantage of these hairsprays is that ladies can easily comb them out anytime they want to.

Many prefer their beach waves to have more shine. How to get beach waves hair with more shine? The solution is a quality shine spray that moisturizes the hair and crafts a trendy finish and offers UV protection.

All ladies who wonder how to get beach waves hair by doing a DIY can use this method. Ladies with both medium-length hair and long hair can quickly adopt this method. They need to have sufficiently long hair that will coil around the straightener!

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