How To Get A Second Chance With Your Ex Girlfriend: Convince Her To Give You Another Chance

When a relationship comes to a sudden end, sometimes it feels like it is not real or it is not really the end especially when the relationship has many good memories. There are men who are in denial and cannot accept the fact that their girlfriend got away and hoping things will go back the way they used to be. Do you believe that your relationship with your ex deserves a second chance? Getting a second chance with your ex girlfriend is not easy but if you know what to do, it is not as hard as you think. The following tips can be very helpful to fix your broken relationship with your ex girlfriend.

Accept that the break up happened. Accepting the reality of your relationship is important for both of you to start the process of moving on. Moving on does not mean getting a second chance with your ex girlfriend is impossible, moving on means eliminating the tension, hurt and all the negative feelings about the break up. It is easier to create plans and think about your options about getting back with your ex when you are not ruled by negative emotions. Learn to control your emotions, get rid of your self-pity and just focus on the positive side of working things out with your ex girlfriend.

Ask important questions to yourself before trying to get your ex girlfriend back. It is important that you are sure about your feelings and why you want your ex girlfriend back. Getting back with an ex is not impossible and there are many couples who find love lovelier the second time around but you have to ask yourself some questions such as "Do you still love your ex girlfriend?", "Why do you want your ex girlfriend back?" If you only want your ex girlfriend back because it hurts your ego to be dumped or you do not want to be left alone, then getting a second chance with your ex girlfriend is probably not a good idea. Without love, you will find it difficult to make a relationship work. Love should be the main reason why you want your ex girlfriend back into your life.

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Avoid appearing too needy and desperate. Getting a second chance with your ex girlfriend does not mean you have to beg and lose your self-respect. Although it is true that you desperately want her back, you have to learn how to control your emotions and conduct yourself with dignity and respect. Nobody wants to be with a loser who have no self-respect. Your ex girlfriend will avoid you more if you keep on appearing on her front door begging or keep calling her. It is important to deal with your emotions first before trying to get your ex girlfriend back. Talk to your best friend, family or people you are comfortable with to cry your heart out and unleash those emotions before getting a second chance with your ex girlfriend.

Temporarily cut any means of communication with your ex girlfriend. After the break up, avoid contacting your ex girlfriend because the situation is still intense and you might do or say things that will jeopardize your chance of getting a second chance with your ex girlfriend. Give her and yourself time to think and reflect on what happened. This is also the time to analyze your relationship and figure out what went wrong. The time apart from each other will give you both the opportunity to miss each other and think of how much the relationship means to both of you. This is also a good opportunity to reinvent yourself or become a better version of yourself and when it is time to meet again, she will realize that it is worth having a second chance with you.

Reconnect with your ex. After sometime and when things are calmer and negative feelings have subsided, it is now time to reconnect with your ex. Start with something less intimate like group dates with common friends or maybe visit common places to have the opportunity to bump into her and engage in small talk. Reconnecting with you ex is not a quick process so you have to be patient to see the results you want. Start slow and know when is the best time to give simple gifts and ask for dinner dates to talk about getting back together.

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If you are seeking to get a second chance with an ex girlfriend, you must first of all make best use of the one advantage that you have. You already know her.


You know her likes, and her dislikes. You know her favorite foods, what she likes to drink, what music she likes, her favorite color, and, probably most important of all, what she is looking for in a man. You must use this familiarity, this knowledge, to your best advantage in planning your campaign.

What went wrong?

It is also important to consider why the first relationship ended. If it was you who broke it off, you will have already recognized why and be ruing your earlier decision. If it was her however who broke it off, you need to understand the reasons that led her to such action, and to be sure in your own mind that you can avoid those pitfalls the second time around.

Good from Bad

You need to establish what was good first time round. What did she see in you? Why was she attracted to you? Whatever it was, you need to draw her attention back to that initial attraction, to show her that it is still there.

Create the opportunity

Creating the opportunity is the next important step in your campaign. You need a chance, an excuse, a reason, to approach her again. Even if you plan an 'accidental' meeting, you still have to plan when and where, and it needs to be in an environment that allows you the opportunity to proposition her.

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Woo her again

Once you have arranged the first meeting, be it an apparent "accident" or not, you need to get her mind working in the right manner. She needs to think of what she is missing, of how it would be nice to get back together, so you must woo her all over gain. Never make the mistake of thinking you can just march back into her life. Take your time.

A telephone call, a letter, a bunch of flowers with a note... all of these actions are the sort of thing she will appreciate, and will get her mind working about rekindling the relationship, but don't over do it. You can't "buy" her back. She needs to know your intentions, but not in a crude, overt manner. The subtle approach is the way forward, steering her around to her making the choice, herself but you must first let her know discreetly that you are "up for it".


Once you have created the opportunity, and she is thinking about letting you back into her life, you must make great efforts to assure her that whatever the reasons were for the initial break up, that they are no longer there. You must instill the confidence in her to make that commitment and to give you that second chance.

Don't panic, and don't rush things. Putting you ex under pressure will have an adverse effect to the one you want to achieve. Take time out to study and research the problems that led to the break-up. Make sure in your own mind that you are willing and able to make the necessary changes second time around. Plan your campaign carefully and as your plans unfold, let things take their time, let her make the decision to want to make a go of it again, and give her the room to make that choice. In the meantime, keep positive, look your best and put on a brave smiling face. The miserable, brooding approach never works. You don't want her to take you back from pity, you want her to make her own mind up, in her own time and reach that positive decision to give it another try.

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When you feel that you need to reverse your break up then you will have to work on your patch up plan so that not only can you get your ex girlfriend back in your life but can keep her for good. Here is what you need to do:

Give her the alone time that she needs

When you want to patch up after your break up your immediate reaction is to get back in touch with your ex and make her see that she is doing the wrong thing. Instead of doing that and making her angrier than she is, you should give your ex some space to get rid of her pent up anger and frustration. Then she will begin to miss you and this will make patching up a lot easier.

Get a clear assessment of the problem

Show your ex that you have understood the causes and the consequences that lead to your break up. Your ex needs to see that you have got a clear idea of why your relationship failed. Unless you show your ex the regret she will not take you back.

Take constructive steps to make the changes

To get your girlfriend back for good you also have to show her the change by walking the talk. So, if you had anger or jealousy issues that brought down your relationship take help and sort them out.

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Show her that you are a good person

Make your ex girlfriend see that you are a good person. You should never talk badly of her and always should be on your best behavior. That means no making her jealous or dating casually.

Try to get to talk to her

Let some time pass and then get back in touch with your ex. Call her up and ask to meet her stating clearly that you have no agenda but only want to resolve certain issues. Be earnest and your ex will meet you.

Accept your mistake and mend bridges

Once you meet her the first thing to do is apologize and make her see that you have realized, understood and mended the problem to get back into her good books.

Go back to being friends

Now you need to concentrate on being a good friend of her so that she can rely and depend on you and start developing those lost feelings for you again.

Give her some time

Lastly, don't push her into the relationship. Give her some time and she will be back in your life for good.

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I hear this question a lot from men going through a breakup, "Can I still get my girlfriend back if she's dating someone else?" The answer is yes, but in order to do so, you need to understand the dynamics of a rebound relationship. When your girlfriend starts dating someone else after a breakup, winning her back will require some delicate tactics most men simply aren't good at. Armed with this knowledge, you'll put yourself in position to stand above and beyond any man in your woman's eyes.

When wondering can I get my girlfriend back if she's dating someone else, it's important to understand how most men act in this situation. Sometimes it's best not to follow the crowd. So what do most men do when their girl has sought out another Prince Charming?

The first thing most men do is get jealous. This in turn makes them angry and causes them to act in a way that only confirms to their girlfriend that leaving was the right thing to do. They call their girlfriend and say mean things to her or leave nasty messages on her voicemail calling her a slut, whore, or worse. They bombard her with text messages telling her what a big mistake she is making. They trash talk the other guy saying how much of a loser he is and how he's not her type at all.

Or they do the complete opposite and try to tell their girlfriend how much they love her. They beg, plead, and apologize hoping they'll say just the right words to make her change her mind. Any of this sound familiar?

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The overall effect of all these actions is to completely destroy any chance you have of getting your girlfriend back. In the first case, you come across as angry, jealous, and controlling. In the second, you come across as needy, desperate, and pathetic. None of these are the qualities your girlfriend, or any other woman for that matter, want in a man.

Instead, when your girlfriend dates someone else, the first thing you should do is accept it. Next, you should be genuinely happy for her, wish her the best, and tell her you hope the man takes really good care of her. Don't get jealous. Don't get angry. If you run into her and another man, be friendly and polite and then go about your business. Acting in this manner sends all the right messages to your girlfriend.

If you understand rebound relationships, you'll quickly realize he probably isn't the man for her, she's probably just looking for a way to escape the pain of a breakup and isn't even into him that much, and there's a 99% chance he won't be the man she ends up with.

So can I get my girlfriend back from another guy? Yes, you can. Relax, give it some time, play your cards right, and she'll be back in your arms before you know it, as long as you avoid the mistakes of the misinformed man.

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