Certified nursing aides play an important role in the health care industry. They work according to the instructions given by the physicians or the Registered Nurses (RN) and provide medical assistance to the patients. However, in order to become a certified nursing assistant, it is obligatory to obtain the CNA license.

Given below is the procedure to obtain CNA license:

Fulfill the Eligibility Criteria

The pre-requisites are:

Completion of at least a high school diploma or an equivalent General Educational Development (GED)

Should be at least 18 years

Should undergo the tuberculosis (TB) test and drug screening

Background verification is done to check if any public offenses are recorded against you

Complete the Nursing Aide Training

After fulfilling the requirements, you should seek admission in an accredited nurse aide training school and pursue complete training. Both theoretical and practical sessions should be attended. The instructors available in the institute will teach you all the responsibilities of a hospital attendant.

Clearing the Examination

On successful completion of the training, you will have to appear for the state competency CNA certification examination that is organized by the Board of Nursing of each state. This exam comprises of written and skills test sections and it is mandatory to pass both of the sections. On clearing this exam, you will obtain the CNA certification.

Applying for the CNA License

The Nurse Aide Registry is responsible for granting license for every certified nursing aide. Given below are the steps that need to be followed in order to obtain the license.

1.Visit the website of the Nurse Aide Registry and download the application form. Fill the form appropriately. This application is also available on the website of the State Health Department.

2.Along with the application form, you will have to submit the documents related to the medical check up, background verification, CNA certification, and training form. The training form is the one that is provided by the training center after completing the nursing aide course successfully.

3.Mail the application along with the documents to the address that will be provided in the form

4.You will also be asked to pay the license fees that differ from one region to another

5.Within 4 to 6 weeks you will get your license. It is advisable to visit the website in order to check its status.

A CNA job is a rewarding job because of the relationship between the caregiver and the patient where you may receive appreciation from the resident as well. Besides this, you can also opt for higher nursing designations after gaining suitable years of experience that will help you earn a good amount of salary.

Thus, obtaining the CNA license will help you to progress towards the successful path of nursing field.

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