In today's day and age many people turn to surgery to fix what time has done to their skin. In fact it's being done more often and at younger and younger ages. Plastic surgery has become common place and many people don’t hesitate to go under the knife to look younger.

But with surgery comes great risk. Anytime you're subjected to surgery your life is in danger as complications can arise. There is a threat for infection to occur which can cause intense pain along with a host of other problems.

There's also the concern that the surgery may not turn out well. There are no guarantees when your skin is cut and pulled. Your face can look stretched and fake or even worse there could be scarring.

So what can you do to look younger with firmer and tighter skin naturally? LED light therapy, also known as DPL light, and facial workout programs can painlessly and safely give you a natural facelift.

Red light therapy penetrates deep into your tissue repairing past damage. It stimulates collagen and elastin as well as the energy within your cells promoting stronger, healthier, and more resilient skin. Red and infrared LED light wavelengths have the ability to heal, repair, and regenerate the skin making it look and feel younger while giving it back its elasticity.

Day spa magazine reports that “photo rejuvenation (LED light therapy) treatment results are the closest thing to a facelift that I've been able to achieve since becoming an aesthetician.”

Many spas, physicians, and clinics use LED light therapy to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, smooth out the texture, and even out the tone. It’s a non-invasive choice when it comes to improving your skin.

In addition to LED light therapy, facial workout programs offer you a natural alternative for toning and lifting your skin. As you age your muscles weaken and begin to sag causing your skin to do the same. Regular daily movements just aren’t enough to keep the muscles strong and tight.

Facial exercises strengthen and tone the muscles resulting in tighter and firmer skin. You can easily add a facial workout program into your routine by watching a DVD and just following along.

When you implement both LED light therapy and facial exercising into your skin care repertoire your skin will respond by looking more vibrant, healthy, and years younger without the risk of surgery. Both LED light therapy and facial exercising are safe, effective, painless, non-invasive, and natural alternatives to plastic surgery.

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