Many women make the mistake of waiting too long to decide to tell a guy she likes him. This may be for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, some women believe in traditional dating tactics; and refuse to make the first move. While some women are simply expecting the worst out of the situation and so choose to be silent about their true feelings. If you’ve always wondered how to tell a man you like him, this article is for you.

Of course there are a million ways to let a man know that you like him. For instance, you can find out where he’s going to be, put on your best outfit, and then be sure to approach him when you see him. You could even sign up for a aerobics class (which you hate) and be sure to exercise beside him so that you’ll be able to have simple conversation during breaks. However, the most important thing you should remember when trying to tell a man that you like him, is to BE YOURSELF.

Try flirting first. The easiest way to flirt is to initiate a flirt session, or respond to his flirt tactics. If he tells you that you smell good, tell him what fragrance you’re wearing; then move closer so that he can get a better smell. But remember to try avoiding topics and gestures that may seem too promiscuous or sexual. You want to let him know that you like him without him assuming hat you want to have sex. (Or, at least you’re not looking to have sex tonight)

Another technique that works is stroking his ego. A man likes to be in the company of a woman who makes him feel good about himself. If you’re trying to tell a man that you like him, he wants to know that you like an array of aspects about him. Besides his physique, he wants to know that you enjoy watching him at work, or that you really enjoyed the article he wrote. Make him feel as though there is no one like him.

Lastly, have a nice evening out: Treat him to dinner! Every man wants a women that can compliment him by taking care of herself and having enough to take care of him if he needs it. Men love women who have their own things (money), but likes the fact that she allows him to take care of her. This encourages a ‘team’ feeling and is a gateway to further discussion about the future. It is traditional for the man to pay for meals, but showing a man that you want to make sure that he eats also shows that you care about his well being. Whether you’re cooking a meal or sitting in a nice restaurant a man loves to be fed.

Following these simple tips is a good start at how to tell a man that you like him. Also keep in mind that you could always say “I really like you”. If you need encouragement to say these things, try working your way up to this point. For example, say “I really enjoyed your company today; we should do this again sometime”. Even sentences like these, will tell a guy that you like him.


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