He was nicely dressed and seemingly by himself when Lisa noticed her long awaited soul mate. At a crowded networking event she made eye contact with him, gave a sexy smile, and gave a nodding "Hello." When he returned the smile, she later made her way across the room and casually initiated conversation about the event and the many people that she's met. It's been 10 months so far, and the two of them are planning to spend their future together in pure bliss. This proves that even a woman can pursue a potential mate AND be successful.

Know how to get a man with these 3 tips that every woman should know:

1. Ask yourself: "What does it take to satisfy me?" When you answer this question, try not to complicate your response. Wanting a man who dry-cleans his boxers, instead of putting them in the machine, is not a quality that should get in the way or your quest of finding a man. Be sure to list attributes that will contribute to your lifestyle and his. List the important things such as honest, respect, spirituality, etc. Also be sure to arrange them in order by priority. Be open about your wants as well as your needs; but also be reasonable.

2. Be ready at all times. There's no need to read an article about how to get a man, and not be ready at all times. Obviously, I'm not suggesting that you go grocery shopping in ten-inch heels. Nor do I feel that you should wear an evening gown to a professional basketball game. However, when you go to the gym, wear a bit of waterproof make up. Don't over do it, just look naturally enhanced. When you're out for a bit of shopping, put on a pair of comfortable yet cute pumps. (every woman has a pair) Make sure your hair is neat and presentable. If you must wear a hat, be sure to play up your eyes and lips with suitable colors. No matter how wonderful you are on the inside, it's the outside that a man sees first. Physical attraction is the first thing that catches a man's attention. However, once he hears what you have to say, that's when the attraction begins.

3. Make a move. If you've never approached a guy, and are still contemplating how to get a man; this may be your problem. Being traditional is lovely at weddings, but can be less than desirable when trying to get a man. "You might be shy on looks or other qualities, but if you sell yourself, someone will buy," says 29-year old finance manager Darren Rodgers. This is true. Taking the first step towards casual conversation will not only reveal if he's interested in you, it will also reveal if you're interested in him. Could you imagine watching a fellow across the room waiting for him to come over and say 'Hello'. Then to your surprise, after this happens you can't wait for him to leave. Now you've spent the whole evening checking out a guy that have turned you off the second he opened his mouth. Why not put an end to all of this?

If you find yourself confused about how to get a man, remember the 3 steps that I mentioned above. Be aware of yourself, be ready at all times, and be willing to make the first move. Keeping these simple steps in mind will limit your anxiety and allow you to be open to different arrays of men.



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