To get a loan without a credit history,  And compare which banks offer personal loans with lower interest rates. 

Most of the options that appear in the results table only ask you to be on the payroll for at least six months . Only with this requirement you can get a loan of approximately 1,000 soles and thus start with your credit history .

Another option is fast or urgent loan companies , Info on Moni365 and do not ask for credit history as a main requirement . It is a good option for you to consider in the plan of your personal loan application without credit history .

Who can lend me money?

The institutions that can lend you the money are banks, municipal savings banks, cooperatives and More found here . The people or pages that offer personal loans on the Internet do not enter the list , because they are not legally constituted, therefore there is no support.

Advantages of no-credit loans

  • You have the opportunity to get a quick loan of a minimum amount
  • Opportunity to add a credit history
  • The loan application is 100% online
  • The loan disbursement takes less time.

Disadvantages of the loan without credit history

  • The interest rates on fast loans are a bit high
  • If you do not pay on time you will be reported .
  • If you don't pay the installments, you will have a bad credit history and you will not be able to get a personal loan or a mortgage loan .

Credit history


Having a bad credit history is closely linked to appearing in delinquent files . If you have been late in payment or have not paid any fee or receipt, the company may have included youEven if you solved it immediately, it has already been reflected in your credit history .

In addition, a tool that almost all lenders use is Instant or , which does a study of your credit history. This program sends a note, as in college, to the lender. If you have gotten a good grade it is because you have a good credit history and you are not in Financial Credit Institutions , among other things, they will grant you the mini-loan. If you get a bad grade it is because your record is bad and because you are unreliable in terms of solvency, so they will not risk granting you the money.



I have bad credit and I want a loan. What I do?


Quiet because there are companies that grant loans with bad credit history. You may need to offer more guarantees to convince the entities that you can repay the debt. To have more possibilities.

  • Don't make many online loan applications at once. Remember that this is also recorded in the credit history. It is a red flag for lenders and you may not be approved.
  • Check your debt in the Risk Information. So you can know what situation you are in, how you can improve it, and what you can aspire to in terms of credit.
  • Don't ask for a lot of money. If you ask for more money than you can afford, the lenders will deny you insurance. Knowing what your credit situation is, be realistic with your online loans.
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