Before you are able to obtain a driver's license most states require you to earn a learner's permit. A learner's permit is a specific license given to someone who is just learning how to drive. While similar to a full driver's license it does have several restrictions including the required supervision of a licensed adult driver whenever you are driving. There is a test to receive a learner's permit that will check to see if you are prepared to be out on the road driving. This can be stressful to some. You can study ahead of time to make sure you are ready. lists a few of the other requirements for those wishing to obtain their permit.

1. Pass the Knowledge Test

Many find this to be the most stressful part of getting a learner's permit. This test can be written or taken electronically and it consists of a handful of driving questions with multiple choice answers. The number of questions varies from state to state. You must receive a 75% or higher in all states. There are numerous sources to research that will give you practice questions or tips to help you study and reach a passing score. If you do not pass your first time that is alright. You are able to take the knowledge test again. Some states allow you to take it again on the same day while others require a week between tests. You will have to pay a knowledge test fee of $10 each time.

2. Pass the Vision Test

Most people have already experienced a vision test. They are commonly done throughout elementary and middle school. The learner's permit vision test is no different. You will be asked to look into a machine and read letters and numbers. Some may be directly in front of you while others will be off to the side. This tests your eyesight and peripheral vision. If you pass you can safely operate a motor vehicle. If you fail you will need to submit an Eye Report. A report is also necessary if you require help seeing via contact lenses or glasses. If you wear contact lenses or glasses during this test you must wear them while you drive. Your learner's permit and future driver's license will denote this information.

3. Provide Personal Information and Fill Out Application

Your learner's permit is just like a driver's license and requires your personal information. This includes your identity, age, home address, and a few other important factors. This information will most likely be asked for in the learner's permit application that must be completed. Fill out everything to the best of your ability. If you need assistance just ask. If you are a minor you will need consent from a parent or guardian before you are able to submit your application.

4. Pay for the Learner's Permit

The last thing you will have to do to obtain a Learner's Permit is pay. It is only $20 to buy a learner's permit. It is wise to bring some type of credit or debit card with you because not all locations take cash.

After you earn your learner's permit the next thing you should be thinking about is finding proper insurance. According to, there are several reasons to buy car insurance. Car insurance is the law in many places. You will not be able to drive without it. Getting caught driving without proper insurance can lead to having your license suspended as well as other tickets and fines.

Car insurance protects you if you were ever in an accident. In the United States alone there are over 6 million car accidents a year. If you were to get into an accident having insurance help pay for the damages would give you peace of mind. Many people think that insurance costs too much, but there are hundreds of options to choose from. Insurance doesn't always have to be expensive. There are plenty of cheap car insurance options available. With just a little bit of research, you will be able to find the perfect car insurance for you. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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