So you want to know how to get a guy to like you? This curiousity is common among women in the dating scene today. After all, if you’re single this is one of the reasons why you watch your weight and stay frequent on manicures and pedicures. Exterior looks and your shape do matter but it is what you are from within that translates into you being liked by persons. While there are many tricks to the trade, here are 3 simple things you can do encourage a guy to like you:

Tip 1: You!
Let’s talk about you first. If you are a ‘somewhat’ confident person, it may take him longer to like you. But, if you are a confident person, he could possibly like you immediate; though not romantically. Most guys are attracted to women who seem to be intelligent and confident. You don’t have to be the best at everything. So long as you love doing whatever it is you do; this is fine for him. Men adore cheerful women as well. These types of women have men after them where ever they go. They understand that loving themselves is the first step to getting guys to like you.

Tip 2: Show your concern.
It has been said that a guy likes a woman who resembles his mother. Aside from the fact that guys don’t like women telling them what to do, the saying is partly true. You see, guys love for women to care about them. They love feeling like this woman is looking out for them because she wants to, and not because he asked her to. If your guy seems tired, ask him if he needs rest. Try to inquire about unusual events that could have contributed to his fatigue. If he’s been at work all day with out lunch, ask him if he want something to eat. Better yet, find out his favorite place for lunch and just bring him a take-out order. He will appreciate you for this because he knows that you have his best interest in mind.

Tip 3: Pursue Him.
While you may not feel up to asking him out for dinner, you still want him to know that you are available. If you work together try going out to a casual lunch. This will take the pressure of it being an official date. Other ideas would include getting to know him and using the things you know to attract him. If you are aware that he likes football, be sure to comment about a recent game. If he is otherwise involved with someone else, be respectful. I wouldn’t advise messing up a happy home; but you can still be a genuine friend. Whatever you do, don’t stop your life for a guy that’s already taken.

Remember, if you want a guy to like you, you have to make it happen. Be confident, show him that you care, and then go after him.


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