A popular search phrase for women is “How to get a guy to ask you out”. Many women new to dating diligently look for the right advice that will land them their first day. Just think about it. You’ve been talking to this guy for over thirty minutes and he still hasn’t asked you out; not to mention the evening is over. If you have this problem you are not the only one, as there are plenty of women with this same frustration. So let’s identify a few techniques that will increase your chances of getting a guy to ask you out.

First you have to be familiar with the basics. Be sure that you have a connection before you think about wanting this guy to ask you out. Sure it’s good to look attractive, but showing a lot of cleavage may not get him to ask you out; but if nothing else you will have his attention for the moment. To keep this from happening, be precise with your eyes. Be sure to make eye contact whenever you can. However, try not to stare too hard across the room. After all, you want him to want you too.

Next, If you see a guy that you would like to talk to; go for it. Don’t spend your lovely night waiting for him to approach you. After all, you’re hot, and any guy would want to talk to you! So go up and initiate conversation. Your approach should be light and relevant. In other words, don’t walk up to him and ask about what kind of car he drives. Instead compliment him on his shoes, or even ask him what he’s drinking. If you tell him you’ve never tried his type of wine, he may offer to buy you a glass. Remember that even though you have an agenda, you still want to get to know him.

After you’re past the approach, the next thing to do is FLIRT! Remember that flirting should be natural, relevant, and fun! This means, don’t do or say things that make you uncomfortable. Guys know when you’re putting on an act; and would most likely prefer the real you. Stick to topics that you are familiar with, and remember to smile. Smiling and making eye contact lets him know that you like the things that he is saying. Guys love to be charming so try not to be stiff. Relax and enjoy yourself.

Once you’ve taken care of the approach, and you’ve been flirting for a while, give him the ‘Go’ signal. By this I mean, let him know that you’re available. Try casually mentioning that you’re single. And if you have something in common insinuate the possibility of enjoying the hobby together. While you’re being passively aggressive keep in mind that some men are only trying to be polite. Pay attention to his body language and expressions before you assume the position of using these techniques.



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