The best way to get a good night’s sleep is the alternative and natural way, not the prescription drug way. You will learn how you do this right here but first let’s see what many people try to get a good night’s sleep.

A recent study found that 90% of Americans suffer from too little sleep. Sleep is vital to maintaining good health. During your sleep, the immune system repairs damage done on your body during your waking hours.

Here in the U.S., citizens spend billions of dollars on sleep aides to help them get a good night’s sleep. This is a little more than a temporary solution. Sleep medication does not address the real reason why you can’t sleep.

Low seratonin levels and high stress levels are two of the most common reasons people suffer sleep disorders. It’s estimated that more than 80% of Americans suffer from seratonin deficiencies. Seratonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain and the only substance in the body from which melatonin can be made. Melatonin is not only a powerful antioxidant for the immune system but also a vital chemical that triggers your body’s sleep/wake cycle.

As day starts to become night, the body is signaled to begin making melatonin. If there is enough seratonin present, the body is prepared to produce enough melatonin to get you ready for sleep. If there is a seratonin deficiency than the process will fail, resulting in a restless night for you.

Extreme stress is the second leading cause of sleeping difficulties. Now every one of us experience some stress everyday. A little stress is good for the body. It does keep us somewhat vitalized and mentally sharp. It can even help us get through some difficult challenges.But too much stress can be detrimental to our body and make it more difficult to get adequate sleep which we need to face the next day’s challenges.

If you are suffering from stress-related sleep problems, you need to find out why you are under so much stress. All the supplements and medications in the world will not solve your problem until you get to the real core of the problem.

One solution for releasing stress is to take a brisk walk. The natural release of endorphins by taking just a short walk will help to bring down the elevated stress hormones and allow you to relieve stress.

It is also wise during these stressful times to avoid such stimulants as alcohol, coffee and tobacco. They only offer short term remedies and will just further complicate your problem of sleeplessness.

Insomnia is a serious problem because it affects your body in so many negative ways. The sad thing that happens is people resort to addictive sleep drugs like Lunesta and Ambien to solve their sleep problem.

If you are already addicted to sleeping pills it is important for you to understand that you will have to wean off them very slowly because your body has become dependent on them. So don’t punish your body and longer with these dangerous drugs, here’s a few natural ways to handle your difficult sleep problem:

* Listen to some relaxing CD’s
* Avoid before bed snacks
* Sleep in as much darkness as you can
* Avoid TV before bed
* Wear socks to bed
* Go to bed as early as possible
* Eat a small piece of fruit
* Avoid caffeine
* Avoid alcohol
* Lose weight
* Remove clock from view
* Go to bathroom right before bed
* Get melatonin supplements. But only do this as a last resort

As a health and wellness researcher I do my best to inform people in my article writing, web site and my blog, that all illnesses and diseases can be resolved with alternative medicine. I can only do so much to get my message out to those who desperately need it. So I appeal to everyone, please don’t get hooked on prescription drugs for any ailment you have.

Prescription drugs are only a Band-Aid solution to your health problems. Continue using them and all you do is further damage your body in some way. Become more educated about how your body heals itself. Subscribe to alternative doctor’s newsletters, read books and reports on natural treatments for your ailments and visit my web site for all kinds of health issues.

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Born in Jeffersonville, IN Sonny spent most of his adult life in the family florist business. Becoming dissatisfied with it at the age 42 years he left it to begin a career in sales. After 20 years in that career he retired and now spends most of his time researching the Internet for information on alternative and natural methods of healing of illnesses and diseases. In addition because of his past interest in sales he also does extensive research on self - development issues. His passion in life has always been to share this vital information so others will be able to develop a healthy and prosperous lifestyle that they greatly desire.