Getting a custom ID badge has become a much easier task with the advancement in technology and the works going online. There were days when you would cling to your black and white ID's which looked boring and uninteresting. But now we have custom ID badges in the market with many people holding onto it which are colorful, eye-catching and interesting. While the ID badge is a necessity for you but there are not obligations that you have to hire a designer to get it done. Today the designs are all done online with ample of free sites which lets you choose the design, color, fonts, and sizes of your own. Well, this makes the job much easier for you since you don’t have to wait long for a designer to make the ID and then get it printed which takes few days. With the following, few steps down below your custom Id badge will be ready within minutes and can be printed and used. You can use any online custom ID badge maker websites tools to get the work done.

1.Start with the best suitable template: On any online Id badge maker websites you'll find a huge number of preloaded templates to fulfil different needs of ID making. You can choose any of these templates and customize it according to your own needs. These ID cards basically reflect your position of responsibility at any event or place. So you must keep in mind to make it quite evident for the people to identify you clearly from your ID badge. You can use both the format either landscape or portrait whichever suits better to edit and finally create a perfectly customized identity card template.

2.Edit the background and add some colors: To further enhance the beauty of your Id badge you can add custom background by uploading the picture you desire you be added from your desktop. These solid background reflect the organization's image and the quality of the brand meticulously.

3.Add your Image, logo, and design: After having made a self-customized template you need to feed your own information onto that template to make it your own card depicting your information. This includes adding the logo of your organization and setting up the right size at the correct place on the card. You also need to upload your recent photo resizing it to the available space on the template. These pictures can be uploaded from your device to the template directly and can be edited online. After having uploaded your picture and the logo comes the necessary information to be filled which includes the organization name, Id cardholder name and the position of responsibility. Filling these information makes it a complete ID badge. You can also select the desired font for your texts on the ID and can change the colors as well.

The customized ID badge can be printed at any store after having been made through the above simple process which saves a lot of time. You can also purchase an ID card holder and a wearable strap online or at any local store to hang the ID around your neck. These simple steps can be done on any ID badge maker websites.

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Robert Alleson