We hear over and over that the money is in the list when it comes to internet marketing. The problem is that most people have a small list and struggle to build a big list. Well this will explain how to make money from a list of less than 100 people.
There are a couple things to keep in mind. One is that if you can make money from a small list, then all you need to do is focus on growing your list to make more money.
Also, regardless of your niche you need to build trust with your readers.
Here are 5 Steps to Getting 10% Sales from Your Email List
1. Use Aweber- Sure there are other good autoresponders, but I only use Aweber so that is the only one I recommend and can train on.
2. Develop an Offer- You have to give people a good reason to opt in to your email list. That means giving them something that they want in exchange for their email address.
An e-book or free report, telling your story and explains how to do something works well. You will have to test and tweak your offer until you get a steady stream of people opting in to your email list.
3. Develop your Relationship with Your List- Copy and paste the email addresses from your list into Facebook. About 30% of your subscribers will have a Facebook account. Send a friend invite, but please do not spam your link when you send an invite.
Send a message thanking them for joining your email list. When they accept your friend invite ask if they need help with something pertaining to you email topic.
What better way is there to build your relationship with your list is there than being friends on social media sites?
Much Success.

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