In the path to personal enrichment, generating passive income is a bit of the Grail. Who would not want to leave the rat race by earning a living "doing nothing”? To round off his end of the month without working more? In reality, you know as well as me that it is not so simple, but passive income has the advantage of falling, even if you are resting. How is it possible? Thanks to all the work you have done upstream to put in place really rewarding strategies! It is possible to monetize his free time! You too wonder how to generate truly lucrative passive income? Read this article for bonus tips.

Forget the idea that "passive" = "nothing to do"

All those who promise to make millions without getting up in the morning take their dreams for realities. Generating interesting passive income starts with the implementation of well-worked strategies. Three elements must be taken into account in my opinion: your investor profile (risk aversion, knowledge in the field), your investment capacity (sums and time available), your objectives (short, medium and long terms). Asking yourself the right questions will help you get started on a good foundation and avoid starting mistakes.

Diversify sources of income
There are many sources of passive income. We often quote royalties or royalties, interest on bonds, stock market dividends, and rental income or life annuities. Your investment choice will obviously depend on your strategy and capabilities. Artists will be more inclined to negotiate royalties for example.

The important thing for me is to diversify your portfolio to limit risk and maximize profits. If the stock market collapses, which happens anyway from time to time, your rents continue to bring you back. Same thing if the real estate market slows down. In short, you do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Aim for the long term
Passive income is not like the lottery, it does not fall at once. It is rather a strategy of moderate gains, in the long run. My advice is to invest in a safe investment, even if it does not yield immediately and let your money work. Do not be too impatient, it is with great patience that you put in place the best sources of passive income.

One of the keys to continuing to generate passive income and increase earnings is to reinvest in their sources. I mean, resting on your laurels once a nice pocketed sum is not a good strategy. We must continue to maintain the machine! Expand your stock portfolio, rent another property or improve the one you have to rent it more expensive, write a new book to collect more royalties, ... everything is good to fuel your passive income.

What strategies do you have in place to generate passive income? How much income do you get from these tactics? Share your experience in comments!

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Hasan Root, a dream lover