You sent out the resume – you’re a perfect fit – and yet no one calls. Sound familiar? In fact, a majority of candidates today do not receive a response on a submitted resume. So the big question is, “When is it appropriate to follow up with an employer on my submission and how do I do it?” There is no answer that will fit every scenario, but there are general rules you can follow.

Here are some general rules.

• Follow up 1 to 2 weeks after you have submitted your resume. That is generally the amount of time most employers take to review all applicants and contact candidates of interest for an interview.

• Make contact during the early morning hours when you have a better chance of reaching someone before she or he is bogged down with other tasks to do for the day.

• Don’t follow up just to ask if your resume was received – that can turn off an employer and does nothing to distinguish you. Instead, use this chance to distinguish yourself and build rapport.

Identify the appropriate contact person and CALL them so you can have a conversation and emphasize your strengths. This is your opportunity to impress them with your insights, knowledge and intelligence and they love it when you demonstrate you have researched the company and know a lot about them.

For example, “Is this position for the new plant you announced in your latest press release? I should mention that I have been the plant manager at 2 startups and beat production goals on both occasions”.

See the difference? Instead of being a nudge, you have reinforced your value proposition to the firm. It might make all the difference.

Following up is an opportunity to bring your candidacy to the top. Use these tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

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