Cookie Boxes are of great concern all around the industry due to their wide use and appealing visual appeal. These containers are made up of high-quality card stock, which is durable in nature and can be utilized to protect the packaged items for a long period of time. The rigid construction of these cases with eye-popping visuals makes these containers to be versatile as this packing style can also serve many other purposes rather than only used for packing cookies. These containers are used for a variety of purposes ranging from simply packing cookies for sale purposes to favor purposes to present gifts in these containers. 

The customization utility of these containers can be utilized for high-end printing graphics on these cases to make them appealing visually. You can imprint any desired illustrations and themes in any preferred color palettes on these cases, along with variations in coatings and finishes. Seasonal packaging is also used for the gifting purposes of cookies on occasions such as Christmas and thanksgiving. You can also make use of these containers for presenting others sort of gifts rather than only cookies, the functional design and exotic visuals help a lot in using this packing for different purposes. Here are some tips which you can consider for repurposing these cases for gift purposes.

Tailor the box

When going to use a cookie packaging for other sorts of favor purposes, make sure that your choice of box size is appropriate. These containers range in various shapes and sizes, and you can select one that is in accordance with the dimensions of your gift. In case you are unable to select an appropriate size in comparison with your gift, you can make use of a bigger container and then tailor it according to the needs. As these boxes are made up of Card stock and Kraft material, they are very easy to handle and tailor.

You can check the dimensions of your gift item and use a scissor or Sharpe with a ruler scale to cut the box in the desired size. 

  • Cut the box in the desired size; make it clear that you have to fold the flaps afterward, so leave some extra space on the side.
  • Crease the inner side of flaps by making use of the bottom side of scissor, make sure that you only have to crease, not to cut the flaps
  • Fold the flaps by exerting firm pressure.
  • Glue or tape both ends from the inner side as gluing on the front will destroy the visuals.

In this way, you can tailor the box according to the required style for packing gift items in the best way.

Utilize the window

Cookie gift boxes often come with a window on the top lid to enhance the visual presentation of the cookies. You can make use of such packing design, which comprises a pre-cut window or slit on the top lid or side of the package, or you can go with the Do it yourself craftsmanship and cut it on your own. You need a cutter and scale with a clear sheet of PVC or any film; you are good to go then. Cut the window on the desired placement and paste the film on the top to keep any dust out of the package. Keep in mind that you have to paste the film from the inside of the box to maintain a smooth finish.

The use of a window can help you to enhance the looks of your packaged gifts visually. The window provides the effective visuals needed for better presentation on any item. It gives a look of masterpiece to the present due to the unique perspective of viewing the gift from the window at first glance.

Add the embellishments

Once you have tailored the box in the desired size and added the window to enhance the visuals, now its turn to add on some embellishments. You can make use of wrapping paper to provide your package with exotic visuals; these papers are widely available in the market in different colors and designs from which you can easily select one that suits your gift. If the finishing of your Cookie Boxes is good and you don’t want to use wrapping paper, you can go with the ribbons.

You can make use of ribbons in different styles ranging from simple diagonal ones to intricate designs more like net patterns. The color of your ribbons can depend upon the hue of your box as you have to make a palette choice that feels appealing rather than boring. You can also make use of written tags, and small cards to be pasted along with the embellishment as your written messages and wishes for the recipient will bring more joy on their faces than any other sort of embellishment of visuals.

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