People always ask me, “How do I get results from the things that I’m working on?” How are you able to produce so much? Do you know the number one how do you get results? By doing the work. You have a lot of access to knowledge, perhaps my knowledge, stuff you get on the internet, at the library, other people that you’re working with, and there’s a lot to get done if you want to grow your business.

To get results, the only way to do it is to implement and to do the work. There’s no secret sauce. There’s no special ninja formula. You’ve got to do the work. Now, it seems like everyone’s asking, “Well, how do you do the work when there’s just so much to get done and so little time in the day?” You’ve heard this a thousand times! Everybody gets the same number of hours and minutes in the day. It’s about how you use them.

There are two things that you want to start doing, or shall we say stop doing - that will have you be so much more productive, which means you will get better results in your business. The first one is to avoid interruptions. Do not let people get in the way of you implementing what you’re working on. So, if you have people in your life that think that because you’re self-employed, it means that you’re unemployed, you need to educate them that there should be no interruptions between the hours of nine and five or nine and six or whatever your work hours are. Why? Because every time you’re interrupted, it takes you a good – sometimes it takes ten, fifteen minutes to get back to where you were in the original, before you got interrupted. So, avoid interruptions and avoid distractions.

There are so many distractions. There’s Facebook. There’s Twitter. There’s just surfing the internet. There’s all these things that get in the way, and whenever you are distracted, you cannot finish what’s in front of you. I believe in working on something until completion. Does it happen every time for me? No, but that is one of my mantras. Work on one thing and one thing only until completion. Write that down – work on one thing and one thing only until completion.

The way to finish things very quickly is to turn things off. Turn it off. So, turn off your chat feature. Close down your email. Don’t even think about Facebook and Twitter if you’re working on a project. Turn the ringer off your phone. Turn your iPhone off or whatever it is using. Just really created some uninterrupted time in your day with no distractions. If you have a team, if you have a virtual assistant, even if you’re working at home and you have family, let them know for this one hour or this two hour or this full day period of time that you are not to be distracted or interrupted, and that is how you get things done. That is how you are massively productive.

So, you can get something done in a period of two hours where it normally would have taken you two days or two weeks. So, my assignment for you today is to list five ways that you will manage the constant communication influx. What will you turn off? What will you say no to? How will you educate your environment to let them know that this is a no distraction and no interruption zone? That is your assignment for today. Do it today. Do it Monday. Do it Tuesday, Wednesday – every single workday and you will produce so many more results.

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