In an office environment, printing from a desktop or laptop is one of the most common processes. So, when the printing machine becomes stubborn to not to print or delay to print. Here are some impactful methods that you can apply to your printer to fix, not printing issues. We have used the upcoming methods on our wireless Brother printer.

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Why is Wireless Brother Printer Not Printing?

There are many reasons behind the Brother wireless printer that doesn’t print. It could be because of inadequate toner levels, worn outs, internal paper jams, improper or impartial wireless Brother printer setup, or outdated Brother printer drivers.

Effective Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Brother Printer

Power Source

1. Make sure that your Brother printer has enough electric power supply. Check the power LED. It should be lit.

2. Once the printer LED lights start blinking, there might be some printer error. Check the toner or printer head.

3. If no lights, check the power cable. Most of the printer resolves with a simple reboot process.

Connect Between Brother Printer and Desktop/Laptop

1. Ensure that there is a proper wireless or wired connection between your desktop or laptop and printer. Try to reconnect if required.

2. Make sure you have selected the Brother printer as a default printer. If not, try to set it as a default printing device.

3. Make sure your home WiFi router is shared by both desktop/laptop or wireless printer. Ensure that the Ethernet cable is plugged-in well.

4. Check the print queue. If any pending document is in the queue, try to cancel it. These are also the reason behind Brother Printer Offline.

Your Wireless Brother Printer Driver Age

An outdated Brother wireless printer driver can cause many problems. You should try to update your Brother printer drivers by the following ways:

1. Use Brother Utility Driver Software

2. Visit the ‘Brother Printer setup’ website

Perform A Cold Reset

If you find everything working fine and your Brother wireless printer is not printing, try to perform a cold reset. A cold reset, aka, network default factory restore setting removes all the current settings and other archives. So, it’s good to take a backup before applying the factory reset process. It’s good to get in touch with the Brother printer support team while performing the factory reset process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother Wireless Printer

Question: Why does my wireless Brother printer keep saying offline?

Answer: There could be various reasons behind your wireless printer keeps saying offline.

1. It usually occurs due to a bad connection or older printer driver problems.

2. To get rid of such problems, first of all, you need to check the Internet connection. Make sure your Brother printer is connected well to the home WiFi router wirelessly or wired.

3. Update your Brother printer drivers.

4. Try to disable or edit your antivirus and firewall policies. Some policies restrict the working of printing.

Question: How to fix Brother printer printing blank paper?

Answer: To fix blur or blank printing issue, consider the below-mentioned steps:

1. First of all, you need to press the Clear/Black to visit the reset menu.

2. Now, use the arrow key to scroll to the printer reset option.

3. Press the ‘OK’ button and wait for a few minutes.

Wrap Up

These are some of the basic solutions to fix both wired or wireless Brother printer common issues. If you are looking for Brother printer help, then get in touch with our experts anytime.

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