How To Fix Social Anxiety: How To Overcome Social Fear

Social Anxiety shyness and social phobia are a problem that affects thousands of people. There are a number of strategies that can be used to either try and cure these phobias or at least, limit the effects so those suffering from social anxiety shyness and social phobia can actually make the most of their lives.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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To cut to its essence social anxiety and related fears come down to a worry over being judged and examined by others. All sufferers know that you can try and rationalise things in your head as much as you can, but that when it comes to say, giving a presentation, or attending a social event, that fear kicks in. This is the big problem for sufferers - once the brain is in this state of basic fear, you are almost locked in. The way the brain works at this level is extremely basic. Trying to reason with yourself at this point is no longer enough.

This can leave people with social anxiety shyness and social phobia locked in a horrible hamster wheel. That feeling of dread inspires, well, a feeling of dread that can lead to increasing isolation and with it feelings of depression, inadequacy and so on.

So to tackle these problems then its clear that there needs to be a change in behaviour. There has to be a method found to stop the brain going into it's basic flight or panic mode when you confront a testing social situation. This also stops that dread of going to an event in the first place - if you know you won't get those obvious public symptoms of social anxiety shyness and social phobia like blushing or sweating.

Breaking the cycle is a challenge, but it's the best way to deal with this kind of social problem - and it doesn't require prescription drugs either.

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There are some simple things you can do to help stop a panic attack. If you are suffering through the horrors of panic disorder... you know first hand how much additional stress and anxiety is added to your life. There may not be one magic cure for everyone, but there are many ways to cope with your symptoms. When you can alleviate your symptoms you can stop a panic attack before it even starts.

There are some simple thing that you can do that will help you alleviate anxiety and panic. There are all natural, safe and effective ways to stop panic. If you can learn how to stop your panic disorder early you are well on your way to never suffering from panic or anxiety again.

Try following these steps to stop a panic attack:

1) Interrupt your though patterns and stop a panic attack. When you have a panic disorder your thoughts start to race out of control until you feel so much anxiety that you just cannot take it anymore. If you can interrupt these thoughts you prevent yourself from having a panic breakdown. The best way to interrupt your thoughts of losing control is to yell out "STOP!" Seriously this works... it may be embarrassing... it may be weird... but it does stop your thoughts from spiraling out of control. It puts you back in control and it calms you down.

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2) Once you have interrupted your thoughts you have to focus on something else. At this point you really need to take your mind off your worries. Now you need to take your pent up energy and direct it at something else. This can be anything... Writing, exercise, painting, music... anything to divert your attention and stop a panic attack.

3) Breathe properly. Most people never really consider this when trying to stop a panic attack. When you are anxious you take short shallow breathes from your chest. This makes your body feel as though it is suffocating because you do not get enough oxygen... it really puts your body under a lot of stress. Make sure to breathe deep and slow from your abdomen... not your chest. Once you lean to breathe properly you will be able to stop a panic attack.

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A complete cure for panic attacks has to address two issues. First there is the attack itself and the resulting fear of having another. Secondly there is the issue of what caused the attack, what triggered the brain to act the way it did.

The first issue is fairly easy to address. The cure for panic attack symptoms can be as simple as distracting the brain with math problems to deep breathing exercises. A panic sufferer who is armed with the knowledge of how to interrupt the panic message sent to the brain can have the confidence that they can handle the symptoms. Having this confidence diminishes the fear of the attack itself.

While it seems to lack in logic, the best way to cure panic attacks is to keep having them. If you know what they really are, and you know no physical harm will come to you, then you can invite an attack and let it wash over you. The more times you have this experience the less terrifying it becomes. The less terrifying the panic attack, the less fearful the prospects of having another become.

Obviously it takes some courage to attempt this but once you have achieved a level of confidence, you can beg for an attack to happen and it won't.

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Changes in lifestyle can also be considered a partial cure for panic attacks. Everyday stresses pile up on top of your existing anxiety and just aggravate the situation. By cutting back on alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks you can lessen the stress. Hydration is another important part of flushing out toxins and minimizing stress.

Probably the one thing you can do to minimize stress and anxiety is to do 30 minutes of mild aerobic exercise like walking each day. Everyday stress causes a build up of adrenalin and exercise is the best way to burn it off. In addition to eliminating the adrenalin, a brisk walk will actually reduce your blood pressure as well.

Changes in lifestyle not only lead to a healthier life but can be considered as a preventative cure for panic attacks.

Finding a cure for the root cause of your panic attacks may involve professional therapy like cognitive behavior counseling. This may take some time but finding and understanding the thing that drives your panic is essential for a complete cure.

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In the United States alone one in six adults admit to suffering from an anxiety disorder at one point in their lives. It is no wonder that so many people are concerned with panic attack therapy. If people refuse to get treatment for their disorders they can have anxiety and panic for the rest of their lives. Finding an effective panic attack therapy is not extremely difficult... you just have to try various things and find what works for you.

If you are looking for an effective panic attack therapy, try these tips:

1) Get comfortable with your stress and anxiety. If you get comfortable with your anxiety it makes it a lot easier to deal with. This is an effective panic attack therapy because you learn to use your stress and anxiety to your advantage. If you can figure out a way to control your emotions you can channel your anxiety and use it when you need it.

2) Observe and copy people that manage their anxiety well. If you pay attention to people who play it cool all the time you may learn how they react to stress and anxiety. Try to figure out what these people do different than you. How do they react to stress or anxiety? Try to observe people... or find out what people that used to have these problems do. The internet has many forums that you use to interact with people who have beaten panic and anxiety.

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3) Learn to control your breathing. Another effective panic attack therapy is to control your breathing. When you get anxious you will start to breathe short and shallow breathes. This brings on many symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and even migraines. If you concentrate on breathing slowly you will bring your heart rate down and you will ultimately relax.

If you keep at it you will eventually find a panic attack therapy that is right for you. People that have a panic disorder have so many different symptoms that it can be hard to give a definite answer as to what will work for them. The most important thing is that you get stubborn and decide that nothing will stop you from beating panic attacks. Once you get in this mindset you are closer than most to being panic and anxiety free.

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