“How to Fix Neck Pain & Headaches at-work in 5-minutes.”
• 1. “Pop, my neck hurts, and I got a headache. Do something.”
• 2. “Tell your mother, she’ll give you an aspirin. Is this an excuse not to do your homework?”
• 3. “I am afraid of pills, and I want an exercise to keep it from coming back.”
• 4. “Ok Mike, any idea what causes it?”
• 5. “Sure, playing video-games on my computer.”
• 6. “How about a Yoga exercise that takes 5-minutes and works on the cause, not just ridding you of symptoms.”
• 7. “Is it hard to learn, and make me look stupid? I’ll want to use it at school in front of my friends.”
• 8. “I use this one myself at the office, and it not only relieves neck pain & headaches, if you do it once a day for 5-minutes, you prevent the cause in-the-future. Yes or no?”
• 9. “Pop, don’t keep it a secret, I’m hurting.”
• 10. “The name for it is The Infinity-Exercise. Mike, do you know the meaning of Infinity?”
• 11. “I’m a genius Pop. It means No-Limit, endless. And it looks like a Sleeping Number 8. How does that help?”
• 12. “The goal is to use your head and neck like a Pointer.
You imagine (mentally-create) a head-movement that looks like an Infinity-Symbol.”
• 13. “How do I know I’m getting it right?”
• 14. “Good question. You simultaneously do the Infinity with your head, and with your index-finger of your dominant hand. Follow-the-pattern. It’s an approximation, not a perfect Infinity-Symbol. Got it?”
• 15. “Yeah Pop, sound easy, and only five minutes total?”
• 16. “Ok, let’s try it now. Sit down at the desk, and let’s get started. Step 1: Focus your eyes ahead of you. Do NOT not look to the left or right. You use your Peripheral Vision. You know what Peripheral means, genius?”
• 17. Sure, Side-Vision, from the left & right, not the CENTER, right Pop?”
• 18. “Michael, tell me you know the meaning of Air-Guitar.”
• 19. “Are you serious. Make-believe playing to the music with all the right moves of Rock-Stars.”
• 20. “Good. Now you are going to do an Air-Infinity. Try it now. Your Right-Index Finger moving to make a Sleeping-8 Infinity-Sign in-the-air. It should be 3-4 feet WIDE, in the air. Got it?”
• 21. “Easy as pie, but my neck still hurts.”
• 22. “Now Let your head and right index-finger cooperate
by acting together. Feel the head movement in your neck.”
• 23. “Ok, like this?”
• 24. “Perfect, just do NOT move your eyes to the left & right. Center them not to move, but see the left and right sides, right?”
• 25. “Did you hear my neck crack, is that normal, Pop?”
• 26. “That means it is working to put your vertebrae and neck muscles into perfect alignment. Keep it up for another minute and the headaches disappears and so does the neck pain.”
• 27. “Wow, it actually does feel better.”
• 28. “Switch hands. Now use you left-index-finger to make the Air-Infinity symbol for one-minutes. Remember, you head is being a pointer making the Infinity at-the-same-time.”
• 29. “I got it under control. What else?”
• 30. “Now continue while intentionally dropping both shoulders. When you sit too long in the same position.
Playing Videos or even sleeping in a cramped posture,
your shoulders raise up. They are out of alignment.”
• 31. “Wow, I really feel better. Am I done.”
• 32. “Almost. Do this 5-minute routine once a day, and you avoid neck pain & headaches. Do a one-minute Diaphragmatic-Breathing exercise. And you will add years to your longevity and health.”
• 33. “Thanks Pop, but one Yoga at-a-time. Can I do this exercise with my eyes Closed?”
• 34. “Sure, no difference. It’s the alignment movements that makes it work. That’s it.”
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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