Imagine what would happen if your favorite dress or pants did not have a zipper. You would struggle, literally pull and twitch the fabric so it would fit your body. Chances are you will never succeed. If you manage to carry it, it will be torn and torn in various places. Zippers are really useful, but there are cases where they create problems: when they break. Since it is embarrassing to be caught with an open, broken zipper, here is how to properly repair a zipper.

Required materials

* Pliers (a small pair of needle nose is your best option)
* Scissors
* Needle
* Strong thread (the thicker kind used to sew buttons is better)


1. Use the pliers to gently release the metal stopper on the zipper. This is the little tape found at the bottom that works by stopping the slider when trying to open the zipper. You may find it a little tough, but if you put muscle into it, you do well. If you can't find a pair of pliers, a blunt kitchen knife or screwdriver might do it. However, just be careful!

2. When the metal stop is removed, move the slider down, toward the bottom of the zipper, just below the teeth of the lower part. Do not pull it off completely.

3. You now need to adjust the zipper's teeth so that they are evenly aligned. Use your fingers and arrange your teeth so that one of the sides is not all assembled. Straighten your teeth properly.

4. Begin zipping the zipper up, almost halfway, with careful attention to whether the teeth lock together properly. Do this procedure carefully until you are sure the zipper is running straight again.

5. Get the needle and the strong thread. Using these, sew around the area where the old metal stop was located. Your goal is to replace the stops with only the thread. Continue to sew and close the bottom of the zipper. At least six to seven stitches do. If you need to, add more extra stitches. Once you are sure it is secure, tie a knot on the back of the zipper and cut off the excess thread.

6. Pull the zipper upwards until it reaches the top. If you do it correctly, the zipper won't catch anymore.

7. If the zipper is misaligned again, simply remove the stitch using a stitch stripper and repeat the entire process.

A broken zipper can destroy a perfectly good piece of equipment. Immediately resolve this nasty dilemma through this simple procedure. This can work on any kind of zipper, whether it be clothes, bags and even on furniture covers. This is far better than having to replace the entire zipper completely

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Use the pliers to gently release the metal stopper on the zipper.