What is the need of buying a new set of car spark plug wires while the present one can be fixed to the condition of a brand new one? Besides, it’s a little costly purchasing a new set of plug wires since they can only be bought in sets. However, in the case of severe damage (like cracked insulation, burns, viscible arcing or even worn out) it would be wise to purchase a brand-new set of car spark plug wires.

What is the function of a spark plug wire?

In an engine, electric current is needed to be transferred from an ignition system to the combustion chamber, in order to ignite the compressed air by a spark (electric spark), while maintaining combustion pressure within the engine. This process is done through a spark plug wire.

As said earlier, the spark plug wire transmits electricity from ignition to chamber to the spark plug in the engine. hence, when the spark plug wire is damaged, the electricity will escape the rubber coating and conduct the metals around it. This electrical discharge will cause Arcing. Arcing reduces the current flow of the spark plug hence will reduce the spark to be generated by the plug which in turn will affect the functioning of the car. This normally causes high fuel consumption.

Attaching the spark plug wire

To begin with, remove the spark plug wire by pulling and twisting the boot at the end of the wire till it pops off. Incase the boot turns out to be hard, it may be the spark plug is old therefore do not use a screwdriver to try and twist it off! it might break due to its long overuse. Or consider using a spark plug wire puller.

A needle-nose plier will come in handy while removing the metal clip from the spark plug. Grip and gentle pull the metal clip.

Stripping the end of the wire

Follow the wire with your hand to the other end and remove it from the distributor cap. However, in some vehicles the end of the spark plug wire is permanently attached to the distributor cap. This means you’ll have to replace the entire distributor cap.

You can apply some grease inside the boot. Then squeeze the wire through the boot till it comes out the other end then strip the rubber back leaving about an inch of the inner conductive metal exposed. This will save you from trying to install the boot after the terminal has already been installed. Fold over the inner conductive wire back along the rubber wire and slide the metal piece over the conductive wire so that it holds the inner conductive wire. This will help prevent the wire from springing out.

Put the clip on the wire

Slide the metal piece attached to the spark plug wire back through the boot until it’s rested on the boot about an inch down. Note that, a wire resting on the engine or a wire crossing another can short or breakdown due to heat.

Set the boot on the spark plug and press down until you hear a ‘click’ sound on the plug into the metal piece in the boot.

Frequently asked questions

How often do you need to change the spark plug?
The frequency of replacing the car spark plug is often dependent on the performance. A high-performance spark plugs will be replaced more often since the electrode will wear down faster.

What if the spark plug does not produce the click sound?

This means the metal clip is not connected to the spark plug. Hence you should pull the boot and wire off and push the wire through further so the metal piece is closer to the boot.

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