So, what shall you choose? If you’re tired of the “cover it up or chop it off” philosophy of Western medicine, you’re probably considering “alternative” medicine. There are several options available.

Acupuncture? Reiki? Shiatsu? Cranialsacral? Homeopathy? Chiropractic? Aquacranial? Folk remedies? Over the counter herbs? What, what, what?

The first step is to start looking. Ask around. How did you find the health care professionals that you’ve trusted in the past? Which ones proved helpful? Bring forward the best of that process in your search now.

Examine your own belief system. There’s no sense going to a healer if you’re not going to follow what they tell you or if you don’t believe it will work. All healing is self-healing. The practitioner is not there to wave a magic wand and make you better. That’s ultimately your responsibility. The healer is there to work with you in effecting lasting change. This is a quantum leap from Western medical philosophy. Participate in your healing process.

Follow your intuition. That means listening to the little voice inside, your gut feeling that tells you what is right for you. The trick to doing this is to get into a receptive frame of mind first. Quiet yourself and listen to your body. Ask it what it needs and respond to the answers it gives you.

You may hear a speaker that you’re impressed with or meet someone under informal circumstances, and just feel comfortable with them. Then you find out that they’re in a healing profession. That’s a strong indication that their energy is compatible with yours at the present time and that you may gain healing from their medicine. Explore how they work.

Sometimes the appropriate healing method for your will change. Again, listen to your body and respond to its needs. If you feel like you are no longer benefitting from a particular method that you’ve been properly participating in, then it’s likely time to take a break or change. That doesn’t mean it didn’t work, but that it is finished working; the job has been completed.

Lastly, avoid exploring several healing methods at once. This scatters your energy. It’s like trying to drive in more than one direction at a time. Choose a direction and stick with it, rather than running to six different healers on a weekly or even monthly basis. Think about what you want and then follow through.

Wishing you the best of success in your search!

Miracles and Blessings,

T. Renee Richardson,

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Born with 3rd eye open - seeing auras, spirits, energy patterns
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BA, Psychology
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