Bhasweti Gewhas, PhD, CHt.
We all want love - those who lost their partner, or divorced or separated from their spouse, ended a unfulfilling relationship or searching to find the soul mate but without much success. The valentine day can bring the painful reminder of what they are truly missing in their love life as it can be very stressful to be lonely and feeling inadequate.
Now what is the secret of finding the true love in life? In my work as a relationship healer and therapist, (I have been working for more than ten years to help people find wonderful and fulfilling relationship in life ), people usually put their focus on the outside of them and try to do their best to attract the right partner in life. But that approach does not solve the problem at all because the true problem lies elsewhere.
Solutions to Attract True Love:
1. The search should start from inside. If you feel inadequate, unloved about self, and become your biggest critics then you are not generating loving energy around yourself. Law of Attraction is the spiritual law that brings back similar kinds of energy to us as we feel deeply inside. If you do not love yourself truly then it is really hard to attract a partner who will truly love you. In order to find true love you need to develop more self-esteem and self-love to make yourself feel much happy about self.
2. Start making a list of things that you like about self. You may begin with your physical attributes that you like - your eyes, your face, your hair etc. Eventually add your personal and mental qualities like caring, considerate or intelligent and creative. Rather than finding faults about self if you focus more on finding qualities about self, very soon you will eventually see more things about yourself that you like. In this practice you may also find some serious limitations about self too. The best way to overcome those is to forgive self and move on to focusing and projecting your good qualities.
3. Bring happiness and joy in your life – it is very important. If you worry too much, feel heavily burdened and lonely then may be it is time to explore some of your inner creativity or hobbies. Or just give yourself a break. It is your downtime where your focus should be bringing joy in life. Find someone who can spend some happy moments with you. You companion may not be your life partner but he or she can be your friend, co-worker, neighbor or a family member. Just focus on having a good time with yourself. The more you become truly happy within self the more opportunity you will get to attract someone who will truly admire your happy being. Remember that happiness attracts more happiness. So chances are your will attract true love in life when you are happy.
4. In order to go to your inner state of happiness, meditation is an excellent way to release stress. Bringing focus to your breathing, bring your awareness to your heart center. As you silence your busy mind, and listen to your own heart beats, you become aware of you calm center. In this center you find you true love, joy and peace.
StressFreeTools Meditation Program is designed to help you develop the wonderful inner qualities that will generate loving energy to attract your true love. The Complete Set includes four different meditations on strengthening different aspects of your life.
Meditation 1: Relaxation - will bring you to your calm center
Meditation 2: Motivation – will develop you inner potentials of true happiness
Mediation 3: Stability - will generate your balance and harmony
Mediation 4: Self-confidence – will enhance you self –esteem.

If you practice these meditations daily, even when you sleep, it will create the supportive energy within you to attract your true love in life.

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Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D., CHt, offers a 4-part guided meditation series to relieve stress even in sleep. Use the meditations to allow your spirit to be align with inner happiness and attract your true love. For more info please visit Bhasweti Gewhas’s website