New and evolving technology has introduced many new cosmetic procedures that help achieve the best look. Unwanted hair is a major issue which needs proper cleaning at a regular basis. The methods previously used were either painful or very cumbersome. But thanks to the latest technology, it has now become much easier to get rid of unwanted hair permanently using laser. No more visits to waxing salon and no more last minute use of razor. Laser technology is the answer to cosmetic woes; therefore today many salons and clinics offer laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal in Vancouver begin in 70’s itself but was legally authorized from 90’s. Even though it was legalized, not until recently did it gain popularity. Today there are a number of clinics offering their services. But it is important to choose the correct one that is authentic as well as expert in this field. Here are a few tips to choose the right clinic;

• Check for certification: There are many quack clinics being run by impostors, therefore it is necessary to check the certification of the laser technicians.

• Do not trust clinics which make promises to remove hair completely: Even though laser technology helps to remove hair, it does not remove it completely, instead only aides in hair reduction.

• Check the experience of the clinic: It is advisable to check the credibility of the clinic. A clinic that has good experience in the field and has built a reputation for itself is a better choice rather than a new setup.

• Find out about the laser being used at the clinic: Most clinics make use of Intense Pulsed Light Device. However a good clinic should also poses LightSheer Diode Laser which can be used on any kind of skin, light, medium or dark.

• Check for the Certification of the Technician: Those clinics that employ dermatologists or a professional laser technician are safe as lasers are extremely sensitive and it is important that it be handled properly.

• Cheaper does not always mean Good: There are many salons and spa’s offering low cost laser treatments which are usually carried out by unlicensed dermatologists and technicians. One should not be enticed to avail these cheap services as it could permanently cause damage to skin.

• Ask Around: One can inquire around from people friends and acquaintances regarding the authenticity of the clinic. Once the credibility has been established, it makes it easier to make decisions.

• Do not fall trap to ‘Offers’ and ‘Sale’: The treatment is a highly specialized one, thus when clinics offer sale and discounts, one should steer away from such clinics. Spending a few dollars extra is better than being a victim of a bad laser job.

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