Kids today are smarter than they ever were. Thanks to the latest technology advancements, kids become aware of the scientific facts and other things at an early age and therefore, demand to experience it as well. One of the most amazing innovations in the recent times is the drone. Earlier, the drone was only used for professional and business purposes but then it became so common that the playing of drones was also introduced for kids aged 5 and above. Drone is basically a rechargeable flying machine which the kid flies with the help of a remote. Most of the drones have a WIFI camera attached to it to make it look like a real drone.

Having said that, when you’re buying something for your child, there are certain points that definitely need to be considered such as safety etc. Drone is otherwise a harmless toy but can cause harm if not handled with care and efficiency. Finding and buying the right kind of the drone for your kids is an art which follows some definite techniques.

Below are some of the essential points to keep in mind while buying the right drone for kids.

1.Excessive flying time:

Kids get excited about their new toy and wish to make the most of it in minimum time. The flying time for the drone varies according to the different specifications with the minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes. However, the ones with the 30 minutes flying time are usually expensive and most people buy a drone with a reasonable flying time i.e. 10-15 minutes max. Therefore, buy your child a drone with a battery that lasts a reasonable time period for not letting the excitement get vanished.

2.Suitable for the particular age:

Also, the drone must be suitable according to your child’s age. You cannot buy an advanced drone with additional features for your 5 years old or a basic drone for your 10 years old. All the drones are different from each other with various specifications that are suitable for a certain age group. Hence, it is important to buy a drone that suits your child’s mental capability and safety factors.

3.Battery charging:

The average battery charging time for a drone is approximately 20 minutes. The better the features, the more the battery charging time. That said, it also depends upon the child’s age and his/her patience level to wait for the drone’s complete charging for the next flight. The battery charging time must not exceed up to 20 minutes as the child loses the excitement and gets frustrated with charging more and flying less. Therefore, look for a suitable drone with minimum charging time and increased flying time.


The drone should be easy to handle for kids otherwise the child loses focus on the flying and makes an effort to handle it properly without damaging it. This way, the actual charm, and purpose disappear and it becomes difficult for the child to play with it. It should be lightweight with no sharp edges that are inconvenient for an easy use.

5.Easy to control:

The drone must be easy to control with some definite and basic features. The remote should be according to the child’s age and simple to operate. Some of the additional features of the best drones are:

•WIFI Camera.
•Auto flight mode.
•Emergency shutoff.
•A 360 degrees flip.

Buying the best drones for kids is no longer a difficult task due to so many options available in the market as well as online stores. With the technology becoming common, almost all the kids own a drone of their own which they are well aware of and fly like a pro.

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