Since there are so many different types of cats with such diverse personalities, doing a great deal of quality research before choosing will be time well spent. Mythaipet is a popular dog and cat website. You will get a lot of information about dogs and cats.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

Would you rather:


  • a certain color?
  • a particular breed?
  • male or female?
  • a certain age range?
  • a certain type of personality?


After answering these questions, I suggest that you begin your search at your local animal shelter. Most of the animals there have just had some kind of bad luck and just want to have a happy, warm, and loving home to live in. Ask the shelter staff about the animal's past and recent behavior. Oftentimes, the perfect match can be found and the search is over. 

If you are looking for a particular breed, I suggest you find a reputable breeder in your area and deal directly with them. I recommend avoiding pet stores, as animals sold there are often taken from their mothers too young, which can lead to immunity and psychological problems.

Fortunately, many books give full details on the personality types of the various races, and while they are a generalization, they are also quite accurate in most cases and can help you make the right choice most of the time. Here are some books that you may want to check out. 

Choosing a แมว (cat) is more than just finding the first one you see that appeals to you. You have to consider if you want an older cat that would benefit from an indoor life or if you live in a high-rise apartment with no garden. If you are like me and have a long illness and also live in a dangerous neighborhood, then rescuing an older cat would be a perfect idea.

If you have a spotty garden, you could make a perfect home for a younger cat or kittens. If you have a cat alone, you should spend time with him and simply pay close attention to him if he does not have a playmate. If you have a cat first, as in my case, and you decide to introduce another cat, it is better to look for one that is younger so that the existing cat does not feel like it is in the pecking order and still feels like it rules the hen house and the new one. cat has not taken over the living space. 

Pedigree longhaired cats, as a rule, have very gentle temperaments and prefer home life, but pedigree shorthaired cats are more outgoing, especially oriental breeds. Be prepared to spend a lot of time grooming these cats. Cats like Siamese and Burmese love company, but they are also quite independent. Kittens of these breeds need a lot of extra care and are sometimes quite demanding. If females and males are neutered, they are equally sociable.

When choosing your cat, watch how he interacts with you early on. When I held one of my current cats for the first time, he immediately and lovingly rubbed his head against my chin as if we had known each other for a long time. I was sold instantly and he has become one of the sweetest personalities I have ever met.


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