If you are keen to pursue a career in Hadoop, this content is definitely going to help you. Before you plan to join any institute for learning Hadoop or any other course, it becomes very important that you find a perfect institute which can understand your needs and make you a skilled professional.

Here, we are going to provide you some important tips on finding the best Hadoop training institute in your city. Let’s take a look at them below:

  • Read the reviews about the institute and look for it on social media

Even after consulting with friends and relatives you have some doubt in mind, you can go for some more background check of the institute. Check what other people are saying about the institutes who have already completed the course. You can read their reviews and if on social media you can also get in touch with those reviewers. This can give you a much better picture and clarity.

  • Consult with your relatives, friends, and colleagues

Your friends and colleagues who have already attended the Hadoop training course might be the right people to ask with. Let’s say you are searching for the institute offering Hadoop training in Pune or in Mumbai etc then you can consult with the friends who are staying there in order to get a better idea of the place. You can ask them the experience of the course, the overall environment, about the faculties and of course the fees. Also, you can keep a look at your friends’ current status who have completed the course already.

  • Check for the trainers and infrastructure

Once you are clear in mind with a list of few good institutes based on suggestions and reviews, you should go to visit the institute in person. You can check about the faculty, their background, experience and knowledge in the area. You can go and talk to the faculties personally to know more about their training techniques.

You can also check for the infrastructure including the classrooms, power backup arrangements, labs, sitting arrangements, number of students in a batch and number of systems available, etc.

  • Check the approach used for training

Keep one thing in mind, to work in IT you need to have complete practical knowledge. This is the only key to success in the software industry. An institute is best only when they offer more of the practical training. If an institute is focused just on theoretical classes, then the course is not at all relevant. The institute is best only when they teach you with real-world scenarios. If you will check the site of most of the institutes, they will mention 100% practical training. But reality is something different. So better you directly ask them what they mean by practical training.

  • Check for the institutes’ affiliation and certification

Certification is definitely the most important result once you complete the course. You need to check with the institute regarding the certificate they provide once the Hadoop training is completed. Check whether the institute holds the affiliations and the certificate will carry any weight age or not. Check that course content is sufficient for the certificate or not.

  • Check whether you get any placement assistance

When you have done all the above checks, next and last important check is regarding the placement assistance. The institute must provide you some assurance that after completion, you will be getting a job with good salary. If not job at least you should be helped with some internship program.

Therefore if you are going to pay a huge amount to join an institute, first check the above-mentioned points so that later you will not regret your decision.

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