Hair transplant has been grabbing the attention of the hair loss sufferers since over a decade now as it is transforming the look of your bald heads into attractive mane. Earlier celebrities used to hide undergoing such procedure but now these cosmetic procedures are well accepted and supported in public. This could be a reason too for increasing popularity of these procedures in general population too.

In Mumbai, due to adverse environment these hair loss issues are common and it’s not just affecting the personal lives but the professional life too. In client facing jobs, an attractive personality and youthful look is desired by any employer and hair has a vital role to play in achieving it. But technology has come a long way ahead and now a permanent hair loss solution is possible.
Hair transplant is the most effective way to deal with your hair loss and is the only permanent treatment modality that would solve your problems. The results achieved by hair transplant lasts for life time and provide you the natural looking hairline. Hair transplant can be performed by either FUT technique or FUE technique and each of these technique has certain indications based on which they are holistically suggested by the surgeon to you during the primary consult based on the situation of the patient.

In Mumbai, hair transplant has been in limelight as aesthetic consciousness is high among the people. Due to the high demand of the procedure in the city, the count of the clinics are also increasing exponentially. With the increasing count of the clinics and the competition among them, the hair transplant cost in Mumbai has also reduced but mostly at the mediocre clinics and the reputed ones are still very expensive.

Delhi and Jaipur has been the hub of hair transplant industry since more than a decade and the cities are widely accepted for hair transplant tourism for the national as well as international patients. Few of the very reputed and worldwide recognized clinics in these cities are offering the world class hair transplant at an affordable cost which is why most of the hair loss sufferers and even clarities travel all the way from Mumbai to these cities for hair transplant tourism.

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur are the leaders of hair transplant world in India and has been pursued by hundreds of patients from all across the globe. We have served many celebrities with excellent hair transplant and have become a celebrity’s choice hair transplant clinic. But for us every patient visiting us is a celebrity and we perform the hair transplant with perfection in all our patients.

Dr Suneet Soni is an extraordinary skilled surgeon whose surgical skills and artistic sensibility has brought him fame in the world of hair transplant. His specialty is to deliver the absolutely natural and undetectable results which is applauding. So if you are in search of the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai then think again and once check on Medispa hair transplant clinic. We are sure you would surely change your plan and visit us for hair transplant as our work represent enough reason to choose us for the procedure.

How to find the best doctor for hair transplant?
It is good to not trust any surgeon or clinic blindly for what they say and instead perform your own research to find the best. Here is a list of few very important factors that would help you in finding out the best surgeon anywhere you are looking for.

1. Check the educational qualification of the surgeon and ideally look for a surgeon who is super specialized in plastic surgery and have a certification to perform the hair transplant from an authorized forum.

2. Check the experience of the surgeon as it is a vital component to judge a surgeon for a successful hair transplant. Do check the numbers of hair transplants performed by the surgeon you are about to choose.

3. Check on the expertise and skill of the surgeon by investigating on the previous work before and after pictures and the videos to have a fair idea. Videos is a better means as there is no scope of much editing in it so you can witness the real work of the surgeon.

4. Do check that the surgeon you are opting for is using the advanced techniques and technology to perform the hair transplant or not.

On top of all do not fall prey of cheaper services and stick to your plan of choosing the best doctor for hair transplant as you might be lured by the discounts. Go for the best as your hair follicles deserves the best hands for a successful hair transplant.

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