Your computer is ought to be infected with a spyware if it behaves oddly, performs slower than usual, shows too many unwanted pop-ups, or if you see additional toolbars that were never installed by you, or your search page/home page settings appear to be changed.

It might surprise you that there nothing like the word ‘privacy’ exists when you are online on an infected computer, irrespective of your own secured, private room or house. I know there must be thousands of questions doing rounds in your mind about online safety, anti-spyware software, and how to make the best selection out of so many available products (including the fake ones) depending on their reviews.

It is not easy; believe me, at least finding out the true reviews that help you make the best choice, thereby suiting all your requirements such as high-level protection, price, compatibility, and updates among other things. You need not worry as our selectively sorted out yet comprehensive information will make things easier for you. So, let’s get started with what an ideal anti-spyware product should include.

Features to look for in an Anti-spyware:

Detection & Removal Efficiency – The anti-spyware software should be capable of detecting and removing not just spywares but also viruses, Trojans, dialers, keyloggers, adware, hijackers, and pop-up generators among other malicious programs. The world of malware threats is vaster and is still growing. Therefore, an anti-spyware program should have both the capabilities viz. detection and removal.

Real-time Protection – It refers to the capability with which an anti-spyware program identifies and removes malware threats right on the spot and at the moment these enter your machine.

Heuristic Capabilities – These are must-have capabilities as they detect and identify spyware/malware threats just by monitoring their behavior. I repeat the point that detection is just not sufficient; the anti-spyware should be capable of removing all the threats.

Interface/Usability – The interface of an anti-spyware should be well designed and easy to use so that the end user doesn’t have to refer to the manual every now and then during installation. Most of the anti-spyware publishers lose half of the battle on the complex interfaces that are designed under the impression that users are tech-savvy.

On the contrary, a simple interface design doesn’t mean 100% protection while a complex interface doesn’t always mean less protection. To make the point more clear, we are referring to some of the products that include NOD32 Antivirus System, McAfee VirusScan Home, and Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security etc.

Auto Update – An anti-spyware program should have auto and customized update feature as it allows the installation of necessary security definitions and features. These definitions are actually virus/spyware files that identify malicious and potentially harmful programs on a computer. If an anti-spyware doesn’t have custom update feature, it is of no big concern but it should have auto update feature.

Additional Features – If an anti-spyware has additional features like anti-virus, E-mail scanning, Social Networking links scanning, anti-spam filer, anti-fishing, removable media scan, data encryption for bank/credit card detail protection, and scan scheduling etc., these will work like add-ons to the security.

Search for Reviews

You can search Google and Bing for the best, full anti-spyware reviews. I am also giving you some of the best links for anti-spyware reviews that will help you refine your options and choose the ultimate one. These are,,

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