The origin of word research is associated with French a "recherche" meaning to seek something. Research is now an integral part of academia, and all the higher education degrees are incomplete without research. The drive to pursue something new, find something new, or create something new is the cause for all the technological marvels considered normal in the 21st century.

Research is what drives change in the world and what inspires a better world. Have a look around you, aren’t you surrounded by the objects that were considered magic in medieval ages, from the device you are reading this on to the car that transports you miles away in minutes. All these marvels were inspired by human curiosity and observations coupled with creativity and hard work.

Higher education degrees like master's and PHDs are designed to push students towards innovation. However, the pressure for research can overwhelm many students and cause excessive neural stress. In this piece, I will address the methods that a student can adapt to conceive innovative research ideas. The first step is always a difficult one.

Think Outside the Box

For research ideas that add value to the world rather than hollow images hastily selected to complete a degree requirement, one needs to think outside the box. Newton's famous "Apple falling to the ground" example is a beacon in this regard. No one before him thought of gravity as a property of matter, but the divine ability of Earth and now the gravitational principles of Newton are inspiring a new era of space travel.

Deliberation for Ideas

Brainstorming is the best approach to conceiving new research ideas; extensive brainstorming will help you look at the same thing from different angles. Two minds are better than one, and three are better than two, and so on. Discuss your findings with relevant people from your field of study. Discuss the feasibility of your approach and its practicality.

Seek Inspiration from your Interest

ManyMany students make a general mistake of choosing a research question/topic that they do not resonate with just for the sake of researching as a partial obligation for the completion of a degree. This approach eventually haunts them because of a lack of interest results in insufficient efforts and, ultimately, failure.

Always choose a topic that fascinates your imaginations and can make the world a better place.  At Premier Dissertation UK, we help students to apprehend research ideas from the field of interest.

Consult Available Literature

Almost all the subjects are currently saturated with a lot of research work. The publications and thesis in your field are a good starting point to formulate your research topic ideas. Even with numerous publications on each topic, there are still many research questions that need answering. Those questions can lay the foundation for your cutting-edge research.

Check for the Practicality of your Topic.

Many academic research topics seem dull because scholars do not focus on the practical application of their research work. If you want to inspire global change, then ponder upon the practical applications of your research idea. Discuss its short term and long-term impacts. Summarize your findings and reiterate how your concept can inspire.

Keep your Options open.

Don't stay stuck on one idea if it isn't practical or doable. Always keep looking for something better; the best method to do so is reading into your subject. If you find a better research idea than the previous one in its academic and real-world scope, consider it with an open mind.

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