China has a thriving economy, low manufacturing costs, and an evolved business ecosystem. The “world’s factory” presents lucrative business opportunities for wig sellers globally. If you are one, it’s time to jump into the bandwagon. Imagine procuring wigs directly from Chinese manufacturers at modest prices and retailing them with a high mark-up in your resale market.

Well, when it comes to finding reliable wig manufacturers distributors in China, here’s your checklist.

Online B2B directories:
Due diligence is the cornerstone of informed decisions. It’s easy as well, thanks to online B2B directories. Think,, and You have plenty of them at your disposal. These web resources evaluate every manufacturer on key parameters before listing them. Breathe easy; your risk factors and quality concerns are addressed to an extent.

It’s a standard protocol for the B2B resources to provide all relevant information on the listed manufacturer. From manufacturing capacity, employee strength, and annual turnover to price and location, you name it. Feel free to contact hair system manufacturers on these websites and expect a quick and professional response. However, it’s too early to do that.

Background screening on Google:
Once you have shortlisted at least a dozen of wig manufacturers distributors, it’s time to perform an on-site check. Why? Don’t B2B resources already verify them? Well, the second opinion is always helpful. Turn to Google whenever you need to know about something.

Your on-site check checklist should include the manufacturer’s license, contact info, ownership status, quality policy, location, regulation compliance, certifications from partners, client testimonials, and more. If any of the info isn’t available on the website, consider it as a red flag.

Contact customer support:
Your list of shortlisted manufacturers has certainly narrowed by now. What’s next? Just get in touch with their customer support to take the hunt a step further. It’s a crucial step. Customer support reflects the manufacturer’s professionalism and keenness to retain clients; that’s why.

It is your first interaction with the manufacturer, make it count. Prepare a list of questions that should be asked. It includes prices per unit, order minimums, shipping, lead times, returns, cancellations, payment policies and methods, and anything else you wish to know. Email communications are slow and cumbersome. Instead, prefer calling customer service.

Ask for samples:
Already tempted to go ahead with the deal? Wait, there’s a lot more to discover. You should have a hands-on experience of hair systems that you’ll be retailing, and hence, the product samples. If the wig manufacturers distributors deny your request, there’s something fishy, beware.

Ordering product samples make sense for three primary reasons. One, it’ll give you a fair idea of shipping times. Two, you get to determine the packaging quality. Three, you can figure out the product quality. These parameters are crucial for your business success and profitability.

Look for customer references:
The final step before committing – look for previous customer references. Every company provides testimonials on their website to make an impression. Credible testimonials come with client organization’s name and location. Just look for customers in your area and speak to them.

Ask them about their experience with the given manufacturer. Also, verify the manufacturer’s claims about customer satisfaction. Only if you like what you hear, go ahead with the deal.

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