If you are seeking Acupuncture Vancouver has a clinic that is well suited to meet your needs. For centuries, acupuncture has been used as a treatment for a variety of health issues, both physical and emotional in nature. The ancient treatment has been shown to be effective when delivered by a skilled professional. Now, those who are seeking acupuncture treatments in Vancouver have an ally.

While acupuncture is often used alone, it is also used in conjunction with other therapies such as massage therapy. But, again, the person delivering the treatment must be highly trained and skilled in order for the treatment to be effective. At the Elements Wellness Centre, treatments are performed by Kelli Taylor R.Ac., RNCP, NAET Certified. She is a graduate of the five year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the International College of TCM in Vancouver. She is also a four-year winner of the Georgia Straight "Best Acupuncturist" Category for "Best of Vancouver".

As mentioned above, acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years. Its effectiveness comes about as internal energy is balanced in order to provide the patient with a state of homeostasis. Acupuncture can be used to diagnosis illness as well as treat and prevent certain ailments. It can be employed for both acute and chronic (long lasting) pain and has been shown to reduce pain as well as provide benefits to the human immune system.

For those seeking acupuncture Vancouver residents may also wish to know that one of the main benefits to this treatment option is that there are no side effects, something that is often associated with drugs and other types of medical procedures. By employing only sterile needles, the risk of any type of infections is greatly reduced, even eliminated. At the center, needles are never used more than once. Once used, they are disposed of in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

There may be some who are considering acupuncture as a treatment option but are concerned that the procedure may be painful. The truth is most of those who have had these procedures report that they did not feel any pain at all. Many of those who have undergone acupuncture actually report a sense of relaxation during the procedure.

Another common concern is whether or not acupuncture is covered under medical health plans. Many plans do cover these procedures, but some do not. The only want to know for sure if your plan covers acupuncture is to check with your health plan company. If you need acupuncture Vancouver residents who do not have extended health plans should contact the clinic for information on payment options.

Acupuncture can be an effective treatment option for a variety of ailments including headaches, post-op pain, neuralgia, facial pain, muscle cramping, sports injuries, backache, pain in the shoulders, neck, arms, hands, feet and legs to name a few. It can also be effective in helping elevate mood levels for those who may be suffering from emotional trauma of some type. To learn more about acupuncture Vancouver residents should visit the site.

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