Food is the first thing on mind when you are going to a foreign country, maybe after sightseeing of course. When you are going to Bali, you cannot stop thinking about the amazing sea food served at the beach side. When you are planning for Paris, the fragrance of cheese, croissants, and pizza already awakens your senses. And come to Delhi, you can never ignore the thoughts of delectable Punjabi chicken tikka and malai chaap.

Nevertheless, the main confusion about the food trips is to decide where to begin eating. Yes, you can search the best restaurants in town, but you may still not have the best cuisines. A guided food tour is a great option if you are a foodie who wants to explore maximum food options in minimum time. Let us explore how you can find out a food tour that suits your needs.

Location is important

Unlike the olden times, you can find out everything, well almost everything, about a place over the internet. Most food trips are walking tours, which aim to explore a few restaurants or small eateries in the neighborhood. You can research about the region in advance and decide whether you would want to be there or not. The food tours that cater to the restaurants at popular tourist spots also let you visit the monuments, and you get to have breaks between the small meals. If the trip is organized in the less touristy region, you get to see the life of the locals and perhaps the preparation of food as well. Both have their plus and minus points.

Food is of course important

In addition to location of the tour, you obviously need to know the kind of cuisines the tour offers. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Indian, Marathi, Punjabi, Balinese, or Thai- you must know the cuisines you will be offered on the tour. If you don’t like a particular cuisine or are allergic to something, you can let the guide know about it in advance. The tour guide should be able to accommodate your specific requirements if they are flexible enough. If not, it is better to skip that tour and look for another one.

Number of stops

It is important to know the number of stops on the tour so that you can decide whether you will be able to eat that much or not. If there are less stops, the food portions will be large, and vice versa. Sometimes, it is better to have lower number of stops that can offer a great variety of food. For most food tours, you must have a great appetite. Otherwise, you may feel like you have wasted your money if you are not able to gulp down a single bite after one stop while others enjoy every cuisine on the tour.

Duration of the tour

Food tours often take place during the meal times, whether it is lunch or dinner. You should also figure out the duration of the tour, which should be good enough to accommodate a lot of stops. Moreover, it also helps you to decide whether you will want to have something after the tour is over or not.


Food trips often take place in metropolitan cities where you can get a variety of food. You must also enquire how everyone on the group is going to travel. Whether they ask you to have your own vehicle or provide a Self-Drive Car Rental Mumbai or in any other city of the world. You will be able to decide whether the mode of transportation suits you or not.

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