LED advertising displays and LED advertising panels are the most widely used modern-day marketing tools. They are also known by other names such as LED advertising displays, LED displays, illuminated panels, or led billboards.

These displays are usually rectangular and are put up outside large business establishments such as shopping malls, airports, office buildings, and various other public places. They can be used indoors too but the choice of applications for these is quite limited. These LED screensare mainly suitable for outdoor or fully exposed applications as they can be easily read in bright or poor light conditions indoors.

One of the most common factor to buy led display screens is on the edges of roadways to direct traffic towards the main entrances. They can also be used along train tracks. The displays are normally fitted on a flexible aluminium frame which can be mounted on the railings.

The frame can be extended or retracted along the track to cover or conceal the display completely. Most of these Flexible aluminium frames come with hinges at the base to allow easy height adjustments.

Another common use of the Outdoor LED display is at train stations. These are placed either inside or outside the train station building to inform the travellers about the arrival of the trains. These are the best means to display text and graphics such as destination signs, weather notices, maps, advertisements, etc.

Other popular uses of these displays include product promotions, information displays, safety, and emergency messages, and interactive media players. Besides these, many other displays are designed specifically for outdoor use such as interactive LED tickers, dynamo-led screens, and dynamic message signs.

Apart from these uses at train stations, there are many other potential uses of the outdoor LED display such as flagpoles, billboards, and billboards located outside restaurants, hotels, malls, etc. Commercial outdoor LED displays can be easily spotted due to their bright fluorescent colors. The bright colors can easily attract the attention of a passerby as well as the customers. This interactive feature of these LED displays makes them suitable for billboards.

Another common use of Outdoor LED display products is at the roadside. They can be easily spotted by the vehicles passing by. These LED displays can be of various types. They can be large LED screens or mini ticker-sized LED screens. The large LED displays can bear more than 10 feet of display space, whereas the mini ticker-sized models can be placed within a car's window. The display of advertising can be used indoors for displaying advertisements of different sizes.

In such venues, the size of the LED video wall screens is dependent on the number of visitors and the duration of the event. They can also be used as temporary shelters during the events such as the football games held at the stadium. During such occasions, these LED videowall hire screens can easily attract the attention of onlookers.

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One of the most common factor to buy led display screens is on the edges of roadways to direct traffic towards the main entrances.