Architecture is a glorious profession that has been around for centuries. Humans have worked through the ages to build the perfect structures for shelter and for displaying symbols of power.

Today's Architects are modern artists that create functional designs and construct them within designated deadlines.

We have put together this article to explain the function of an architect. We have also included general tips on how you can select the best residential architect in Chennai

The current scenario in the architectural field:

The millennial generation is quite different from their fathers and forefathers. Unlike the previous generation, all of us seek to find an independent place, that we can call our home.

The increasing need for residential infrastructure has improved job opportunities in the architectural field over the years. This has brought in a significant amount of demand for residential architects all over the world.

An elevated need in the architectural field has paved the way for high-quality residential spaces at competitive prices. With banks also willing to lend EMI’s at very low-interest rates, getting your dream home is no longer a far fetched dream.

What is the difference between a residential and commercial architect?

History proves that when the need for any skill increases, the supply of that skill must also improve to prove balance in the economy.

Architecture is an essential skill in today’s economy. The most important division in that filed of architecture is the residential and commercial architects.

Residential Architects:

They are a group of architects that specialize in designing and building residential spaces. They work independently or with firms to work on clients projects and design budget based blueprints.

Residential architects take electrical, mechanical and plumbing factors into account before designing a building. It is also a high priority for a residential architect to look into structural stability, zoning laws and other environmental effects before deciding on a valid design.

Commercial Architects:

Commercial architects work on structures for professional use like school and office buildings. They work with a team of engineers and architects to complete projects aimed towards a commercial intent.

Their main work includes the design and construction of spaces factories, railway terminals, hospitals, sports, and other public facilities.

Commercial architects are usually skilled in team management and communication, which is an essential part of their success

Steps to find the best residential architects in Chennai:

Chennai has high growth in the real estate sector in recent years. Finding a good architect for your home needs need not be a daunting process if you follow the right steps.

We have put together a small checklist that you can use for selecting a professional residential architect in Chennai.

Search with intent:

The intent is the primary thing you must have before starting your search for the perfect architect in Chennai. You need to have a rough deadline and budget in mind before zoning in on an architect for your needs.

"It is the intention that brings about consequential outcomes"

Find residential Architects and make a list:

After you have a specific intent and an idea in mind, you can go about making a list of all the residential architects in Chennai.

There are two ways to go about this- Online search and word of mouth. We suggest you give both methods a try before finalizing the list.

Note: you do not need to have a big list, but just one that will give you enough options when choosing on a residential architect.

Online search:

After you have a specific intent in mind, you can go about browsing the internet to find a residential architect. There are tons of architects willing to provide their services for your projects.

All you have to do is search the internet and find the providers, who are the best residential architects in Chennai for your project.

Word of mouth:

This is a viable tool many of us overlook quite easily. Before the adaptation of social media and the internet buzz in the business world, word of mouth is how people got their contacts and their deals.

You should consider asking your friends, relatives and acquaintances for referrals on the search for the best residential architect in Chennai.

Word of mouth referrals can also get you a sense of stability and confidence in your choice, as you have that specific friend or acquaintance as proof of their ability.

Look at their portfolios:

Once you do make a list of all your favourites, you should take a look at all their project portfolios. This will enable you to get a better idea about their experience and the clients they have worked within the past.

Portfolios will have a lot of projects that you can look into and research for getting better at what they offer.

Ask for an onsite visit

If the residential architect does have some ongoing projects, you can request to visit that location. While in the location, you can casually talk and get to know about the professional aspects of your architect.

You can also visit a completed project with the architect if you do prefer that.

Selecting a residential architect:

Choose a residential architect who can understand your needs and complete the work within the stipulated deadline. Also, make sure to hire an architect, you can stay connected with and enquire about progress.

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