Not so long ago I read a post called “The Mystery of Writing,” posted on 12/14/10 by Michael Hyatt, President of the publishing company Thomas Nelson, Inc. Here’s what he wrote:

“A few nights ago, I sat down with the intention to write a blog post. I had been mulling a specific idea over for several days. I thought it was a slam dunk. I should be done in 30 minutes, I thought, 45 minutes — max.

“Not so much.

“The first paragraph came quickly. But then I got stuck. I wrote another one, didn’t like it, and deleted it. I spiraled through that same loop ten times. Nothing seemed to work.

“About that time, distraction set in. But distraction wasn’t really my problem. At least not initially. I was intent on writing — I just couldn’t.

“After writing four books and almost one thousand blog posts, I have learned two things about writing:
1.“Sometimes, I just need to park myself in my chair, fire up my laptop, and force myself to start. Nine times out of ten, this works for me.
2.“When that doesn’t work — after a concerted effort — I just need to quit. I have to get up and do something else.

“This is all part of the mystery of writing. It’s a balancing act, isn’t it?

“You want to exercise self-discipline and force yourself to write, even when you don’t feel like it. But you also have to trust the process and recognize when that won’t work. If you are patient — with yourself and with the process — the Muse will eventually speak.”

Good advice!

New Content Shortcuts

You must get traffic to your website to thrive and prosper and you do this with great, and consistent content. However, there are times that you simply do not have the hours or even the will to write. And write you must if you want to continue to engage your audience. You probably have a very important “to do” list that gets pushed aside daily as you work on client projects instead of your own.

Think about this: “The cobbler’s children have no shoes” refers to the phenomena where people who are very successful at doing something but don’t demonstrate that in their own personal lives and or business. Even though this is a very old parable, it feels very current to me. And to you, I am willing to bet!

The Benefits of PLR to Your Virtual Assistance/ OBM or Coaching Clients

Marketing and technology is moving faster than you can keep up. How many times have you had a client who is desperate to save money without giving up more of their own time in their business? Whether they are an online business owner or run a brick and mortar shop, saving money on business costs is usually at the top of every business owner’s list, followed by having more time to do what they want versus spending it working in order to cut their costs.

One way your clients can save money on their content creation is by using private label rights articles in their business. No need to hire a ghostwriter (or you!) to write everything for them and they can say goodbye to spending countless hours writing their own sales letters, articles, blog posts, newsletters and more.

You probably already understand the benefits of PLR in your own business, but imagine how your clients would feel if they too could experience the freedom PLR can give them. Not to mention the savings.

Your online business needs a constant supply of engaging and informative content to post on your blog, to send in your newsletter, to create your infoproducts, even to publish in your first best-selling print book. Check out this eCourse that you can use to show your clients how to use PLR in their own business. They’ll love you for it!

I recommend

If you are looking for top quality PLR reports and article packs at a affordable price on a huge variety of subjects I use and recommend Nicole Dean’s Easy PLR. I use Nicole Dean’s great content as a jumping off point for myself and my clients, and heavily edit or re-write them so they are written in our own voices, but because the basic idea is already there it is very easy to user her ideas and run with them. Oftentimes I use them as inspiration for “tip of the day” or for a quick Tweet. BTW, I always recommend that you re-write PLR in your own voice!

Check out Nicole Dean’s video on why you should re-write PLR content.

Melissa Ingold’s Special Report Club

In Melissa’s own voice: “I also believe that in a time when overseas outsourcing, content spinners, and $1 article writers are popular choices among the many PLR site owners, that it’s my penchant for quality over money that sets me apart. I’m not willing to sacrifice quality just to save a few bucks or put more money in my pocket, that’s not the way I do business. Instead, I only work with experienced and professional people; people who I’ve been working with for many years and I pay thousands of dollars each and every month to ensure that my high standards for quality content are met.” ~ Melissa Ingold

I would love to hear how you use PLR content. Please drop back by and share links to some of the content that you have used.


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