Studying the planets and stars, and their effect on an individual’s life is not a subject that can be dealt with lightly. The automatic machine-controlled software cannot decide the fate of a person. The online software can be referred for fun or casual activity but not for the serious issues in life.

To assess one's health, to take of his health and ultimately to ensure overall public health, Laboratory tests play a vital and significant role to diagnose and treat the patients who come to a Physician. I am talking about his in a Nation like the USA wherein merit is the only consideration to become a physician. In that background too, CLIA was introduced to authorize test Labs only withholding CW to maintain quality labs to instill confidence among the patients as the most trusted and best Lab. In countries like India, wherein neither labs nor medical practitioners do have any screening due to want of regulatory mechanisms and selection based on all other criteria save merit.

If it is difficult to find a trusted lab that deals with life and death issue, what to say about a site which deals with entertainment and superstition? Is there any regulatory machinery to safeguard the interest of the public from falling prey to such sites?

The system itself has its own limitations. Depending upon the almanac and traditional practices, every site follows its own systems like Vakya, Drik granita, Surya Siddhanta, GOI Ephemeris, NASA input and individual constructed and evolved almanacs like BV Raman's and Krishnamurthy ephemeris. They also differ in their ayanamsa deductions to a great extent. Of course, once the system is accepted, the mathematical derivations would be the same. These are the limitations that give variance to different sites. To overcome this issue, the Astro-Websites come out with all permutations and combinations so that the burden and headache of choosing the best and the most trusted method are shifted to the aspirant.

Nehru once called on all astrologers in India, though himself is a convenient atheist and not keen on astrology, to arrive at some kind of uniform system and methodology so that there would be no confusion as to which system to be followed for what! As no 2 economists or medical scientists agree, so also no 2 astrologers agree! At the end of the astrologers' summit, the opinions outnumbered the total number of astrologers gathered. So Nehru's efforts fell flat.

The best option for me is the trial and error method. Try each system of each website and see the results by myself. By the time, I exhaust all websites, I see others around me consulting priests for the rituals to be done for my farewell journey!

I opine that looking for the most trusted and best hor(or)scope site is akin to asking the most trusted, safest and cheapest brothel site in all SMART CITIES in India!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a reputed astrologer with 35 years of hands-on experience in the Astrology field.