If you want to start your freelancing career, you are probably nervous that how you can find freelance work even without experience in the field of freelancing. In this article I give some tips on how to start freelancing with no experience that probably help you to start your freelancing journey.

Whether you take interest in doing freelance graphic design or you are interested in getting freelance writing projects, or something else, always finding your first customer can feel hard.

Mostly everybody has dealt with this problem before, when they start their freelancing -- the entrance level job you are wanting to apply for asks that you already have some experience.

The Reality is, you will need experience and some hard work in order to gain your skills and this applies to freelancers as well. The main issue is how obtain experience to get a job when don't have some?

Below I give some suggestion to find freelance job even when you have no work experience.

1. Start a blog if you take interested in learning that how to find freelance work.

Start you own blog, this may be an excellent way to gain valuable skills when you don't have any work experience in your hand. You can use your website as a portfolio or resume for prospective customers to examine.

Obviously start a blog is a good idea, if you even want to do freelancing. You can see what areas of freelancing you enjoy.

If I talk about me having a site of my own is the way I got into freelancing. Without it site, I don't even believe that I would tried any of my online side hustles as I likely would haven't thought about these. Additionally, majority of my customers found me via my own website, so that I suggest you start your own blog that can help you to bring freelance customers.


2. Submit samples if you have no work experience.

On the off chance that you don't have an arrangement of past work that you have done, you may need to make test work to show to potential customers.

This is something that numerous individuals skip, yet it is significant on the off chance that you are keen on figuring out how to discover independent work. Additional work might be required, yet it will pay off at long last.


For instance, on the off chance that you are keen on securing independent composing positions for amateurs yet have no work understanding, I would suggest that you make a couple of test articles to send off to potential customers. Thusly they can at present observe your composing style and check whether you would be a solid match.


3. Search for low-paying or even free work on the off chance that you have no work understanding.

Before all else, I would not get your heart set on very lucrative independent occupations. Those are generally held for those with experience.

At the outset, you ought to be increasingly centered around getting your name out there, increasing significant experience, and building your portfolio. You may need to take low paying or even free employments first and foremost so as to do this.


4. Put your name out there.

When you have test work or a portfolio that you can be glad for, you should begin organizing with others and contacting potential customers.

This can feel unnerving from the start, however I guarantee it's definitely not. You should look through independent employment sheets, for example, on ProBlogger, discover customers on oDesk or Elance, become dynamic on discussions where customers that you need to work for frequently are, contact others and check whether they are aware of any openings, cold email potential leads and more.



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