When you are an adult in 2018, you should not be finding excuses to travel, which has become so easy and affordable nowadays. If you cannot do it in your 20s, you may probably never do it. The right time to travel is now! If you cannot motivate yourself to get out of your city as soon as an extended weekend approaches, you need to find out excuses to do so more often. Furthermore, travel is not as difficult as it appears; you just need to look around for the smallest opportunities possible to go out and explore new cities in India and abroad.

Budget travel

Find out the immediate next long weekend in your calendar and book the tickets for your affordable means of transportation to at least one destination. Yes, that sounds exceptionally huge, but it is possible to go for budget travel to any city, at least in India. Believe it or not, India is a country made for everyone. You don't need to be excessively wealthy to travel around every month. You can explore your dream destinations on a modest budget, but a little more time than it would take for speed travel.

Accept invitations 

Our friends and relatives often live in different cities, and we think that we might never meet them because of the physical distance even if they invite us. However, if someone invites you over for a staycation, you should accept their invitation. You will get to live and eat free of cost in a new city; the only expenses that you have to incur is on shopping and traveling. Nevertheless, you can buy a gift as a token of gratitude for your host.

Accompany your friends, and family

When we are young, we tend to become too egoistic to ask someone if we can go with them to a place they plan to visit, unless he or she is a close friend. If you are comfortable in the company of a person in your office, home, or neighborhood; you can ask the person if they can take you along. You should pay your share, of course, but having the company of an additional person would not harm them or you.

Invite yourself to someone’s city

Friends and cousins often take up jobs in different cities, which is an excellent opportunity to visit them as well as explore a new city. If someone is living in Pune, for example, you can ask your friend if you can come over for a week or less to his or her place. Explore the beautiful city with your friend and develop your bond over dinner and drinks.

Visit your extended family

Second and third cousins are often the most neglected part of our family, and we never think about meeting them. However, visiting your relatives for a wedding and other occasions is a good idea; you can extend your trip and visit the surrounding tourist destinations. Even if you have to travel for some more distance, it is worth taking the pain. When you have moved for hundreds of kilometers, going farther a few more kilometers does not harm. Moreover, such occasions are a great way to bond with your extended family.

Over and above, being a tourist does not mean that I have to travel far off cities every time. I often hire Self Drive Car Rental Mumbai to explore my own city, which has proved a good idea at all times. The best of my memories belong to my hometown only; the rest of the world comes secondary for my travel cravings.

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