Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu deity, is probably one of the most recognized and beloved of all Indian idols. Among his many poses and incarnations, you'll find a jolly yet majestic rotund figure who's regarded as a benefactor and guardian. He removes obstacles and bestows blessings on all who please him. You'll either find him standing near the entryways to homes and offices or sitting astride an animal or lotus blossom. Everything from the position of his trunk to the objects a Ganpati statue is holding carries a special significance in Hindu lore.

You're welcome to browse our entire online collection of statuary. We carry exquisitely detailed Ganesh statues in a range of sizes and poses for gift giving or adorning home, office, and puja room.

What Do Lord Ganesha and His Statue Represent?

As with most Hindu gods, Ganesha has several different origin stories. The most popular and likely is that he was created by the hands of his mother, Parvati, from the dust of her body after his father, Shiva, refused to give her a child. She placed him at the door of her bath to protect her, and was beheaded by Shiva when he wouldn't let him pass.

There are various versions of how Ganapati was given the head of an elephant. In some lore, his father vows to give him the head of the first animal he comes across, in others the elephant volunteers it as tribute. The round body stands for indulgence and a child-ilke nature, but it is said to hold all of the secrets of the universe, past, present, and future.

Worshipers often bring Lord Ganesha idols sweets. His favorite is modaka, and it's a common object you'll find a Ganesh sculpture holding in his trunk or one of his many hands. Others include his broken tusk, a discus, a shell, a mace, a water lily, a sword, rosary beads, and an elephant goad.

Ganesha is known by eight main incarnations, but he is said to have hundreds of forms and names. Those you will encounter most in lore or statue form are Vakratunda, the Curved Trunk One; Ekdunta, the Lord with only one tusk; Mahodara, the demon slayer; Gajanana, Lord with the elephant face; Lambodara, Lord with the protuberant belly; Vikata, the misshapen; Vighnaraja, remover of obstacles; and Dhoomravarna, the humble.

Ganpati idols are often seen riding a mouse, but in his most popular depiction, you'll find the Indian elephant god statue as Vighnaraja, remover of obstacles, riding his serpent, Sheshnag, into battle. He's also patron of writers, guardian, and cosmic dancer.

Whether you know him as Ganesh, GanapatiMurti, or Ganesa, all of his many names mean Lord of the Ganas. We aim to make Ganesh statue online shopping easy. You can buy any Ganesh Murti for home, temple, or workplace direct from us online.

Do Ganesha Idols Make Good Gifts?

Because his broken tusk is believed to represent the pen of a scribe, Ganpati would make a wonderful gift for a writer or lawyer. As an idol representing new beginnings, presenting a GaneshaMurti idol to a newly married couple, someone starting a business, or as a housewarming present would be ideal.

Gifting a standing Ganesha will offer protection, and a sitting or lounging Ganapatiinstills peace and tranquility. We even carry a nice selection of small Ganesh idols online so you can have a GanpatiMurti for your car.

What Are the Different Representations of Ganesha Idols?

There are 32 of forms of Lord Ganesha, and we have them all available for purchase online. He can be found standing, sitting, reclining, and dancing, with four to 16 arms, and holding a variety of objects that signify different aspects of his nature and lore.

Even the position of the trunk on a Ganpati statue has different meanings. Left-facing trunk are seen on Vinayaka statues, bringing bliss and tranquility to the home. Dakshi-nabhimukhiMurti is South and right-facing, and you will normally see this depiction in temples. A Ganapati with the trunk facing straight or up in the air states that his Kundalini energy is at it's peak. This is a very favorable position that will bring luck to anyone who receives it as a gift.

There are rules for displaying your Ganesha god statue. In the home, you'll multiple the vibrations of joy and success by placing him in the northeast corner. If you're buying a Ganesh sculpture online for your puja room, this location is known as the Ishan corner.

Standing Ganesha

This is depiction of the Indian elephant god statue as Abhanga, the guardian. It means upright and rigid. It's most often found greeting guests at entrances to buildings. Our best images of the standing Ganesha for sale online are large Ganpati idols. This Ganesh statue shows him standing with one foot on his mouse vehicle and the other on the ground. The mouse symbolizes that once you have been blessed by Lord Ganesha, you are mighty no matter your size.

Sitting Ganesha

The sitting Ganesha is one of the most popular of all Indian Ganesh statues for sale online. In his meditating posture, the Ganesh god statue is inviting visitors to relax. This is the most common Ganpati idol for home, whether you select a huge Ganesh statue or a small figurine.

You can buy this Lord Ganesh statue online. He is sometimes resting on a lotus blossom in a yoga pose. Other times, one of his feet on the ground to signify that he always has his concerns in the heavens and on earthly matters.

OM Ganesha

This depiction of the Indian headed Hindu god is the well-known and beloved Pillayar statue. They are also called Vinayaka statues. He represents the sound "Om" in his curved trunk, as well as wisdom and intelligence.

PillayarVinayakaGanpati carries a noose, a goad, a broken tusk, and a mango in his four hands. This best GanpatiMurti is seated with his favorite sweet, modaka, held in his trunk. He is cross-legged and happy, and would be a welcome addition to any home.

Two Face Ganesha

The red-robed depiction of the Hindu god as DwimukhaGanaopati, the two face Ganesha, is his 27th. Most often in these figurines he is seated and wearing a jeweled crown. In each of his four hands, he holds a noose, his broken tusk, an elephant goad, and a pot of gem stones.

The two faces symbolize Ganesha's ability to see in all directions. They also demonstrate that he minds both the inner and outer worlds. Purchasing this Ganpati idol for home will remove obstacles to good fortune.
Dancing Vinayaka

The Vinayaka statue of the Natraj Ganesh is presented as a gift, but never for worship. Dancing Vinayaka are ideal to give to a creative person to keep as a home decoration or in their studio for inspiration. In the form NrityaGanesha, he is joyfully dancing under a Kalpakavriksha, He has four arms, and in his hands he carries a broken tusk, goad, modaka, and a noose.

Dancing Ganesh statues are often crafted as whirling Ganeshas. Their trunks curled to signify Om. This is another depiction that is a delight for gift giving or decoration.

Baby Ganesha

You can find many Lord Ganesha idols for sale online where he is in the form of a baby or young boy, symbolizing innocence and joy. He would make a handsome addition to a nursery, bringing abundance to a new arrival. Bala Ganesh represents fertility and abundance, He holds his modaka in his trunk, and in his four hands carries jackfruit, sugar cane, mango, and banana.

TarunaGanesha is a young, red form of the Hindu god. He has eight arms, and carries his modaka, wood apple, mango, rose apple, paddy, sugar cane, goad, and noose. You will also find a very young Lord Ganpati reclining on a large banyan leaf.

GaneshaWith Trunk Pointing to the Right

The statues of Lord Ganesh with right trunk are very significant for worship. They are not suggested for pure decoration because of the power of the Dakshi¬nabhimukhiGanesha representation. Right is the direction of the South, or Surya Nadi. It is believed that the Indian elephant head god can harness the power of the sun and direct it through his trunk.

The most fortunate placement of any Ganesh Murti for home is to the left and North. If you know how to perform the proper rituals, the Dakshi¬nabhimukhiGanesha will allow an abundant flow of moksha (salvation) and free you from the cares of earthly matters.

Ganesha on Lotus Blossom

There are many renderings of Ganesha on lotus statue in our collection. In some, he is holding the blossom instead of seated. The significance of the lotus leaf is steeped in Hindu lore and mythology. Because the flower can live in swampy water while remaining pure and clean, the lotus symbolizes our aim to rise and reach divinity. This form of Ganesha is often associated the Om or yoga Ganapati idols. Sometimes he is holding prayer beads in one of his hands.

Five Headed Ganesha

The five headed Ganesha statue, called the PanchamukhiVinayaka, is one of the rarest forms of Lord Ganesh idols. In this representation, he is seated on Adiseshu, a serpent and traditional seat of Lord Vishnu; in this form, he is sometimes referred to as Vishnu Ganapathi.

This is the all-powerful Vinayaka, with the combined force of LaxmiGanapathiy and HerambaGanapathi. Both of Lord Ganapthi's wives, Siddi and Buddi seated on his left thigh. Another five headed murti of Ganesha idols is the HerambaGanaesha. In this statue, PanchamukhiVinayaka is the protector of the weak and rides a lion. In Ganapati's eight hands, he carries a hammer, noose, axe, beads, broken tusk, fruit, flower garland, and modaka.

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Large Statues

Large statues of Lord Ganesha are ideal for decorating large spaces. Hindu idols for worship shouldn't be taller than 18 inches high, so they should never be used in a temple or puja room. We carry large, decorative Ganapati statues in brass or polystone resin for outdoors. Many are gold-plated or have inlays and overlays of enamel, coral, and turquoise. They feature a number of poses and depictions, including masterworks.

You'll discover that we have big Ganesh Murti for home as standing statues, dancing Vinayakas, seated, or reclining. They're exquisite in the garden, as central decorator piece in a lobby, or relaxing room in your home. The reclining pose is especially nice if you want to depict luxury, prosperity, and ease.

Brass Statues

Many of our brass Ganesh statues are hand made and finely wrought in solid metal and adorned with semi-precious stones and inlays. When you buy Lord Ganesh statues online, you'll be delighted to find that they are resilient and decorative for home, office, gifting, or worship.

Brass and bronze are preferred materials for Hindu god statues and idols. The casting process allows for minute detail and precision. These materials are also easy to care for, durable, and age very well. You can buy some of our antique GanpatiMurti sculpture online and find that is looks as new as our contemporary Ganesh statue.

You'll Find Your Ganpati Idol Among Our Collection

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