Cheap limo hire can only mean one of two things. You have either got an excellent deal or a very old limousine. It is true that most people would settle for a cheap price, however you need to make sure the deal is a good one. Prices in limo hire London vary just as much as with Limousine Hire Perth, but why such a great variation? If you are looking to rent a particular limousine such as a Hummer H2 limo and you find prices vary then double check to make sure some of the cheaper prices are actually for Hummer limos and not Hummer style limousines.

Many limousine companies advertise their Excursion limos or Navigator limousines as Hummer style limos knowing that unsuspecting customers will believe they are getting an actual Hummer limousine. If you are not sure about the type of limousine on offer ask for some pictures and tell them to clarify which limousine it is going to be. The dearer the price is the more likely it will be a Hummer H2 limousine.

Many people will opt for a particular limousine such as the Hummer or Navigator without realising the full capacity of the vehicle. These limousines are the biggest of all the limos with some able to transport up to 20 people. Therefore it stands to reason that if you have a group of just 8 people the price per head will be a lot greater. Fridays and Saturdays are peak times for limo hire and limousine companies will almost always rent out the vehicle rather than on numbers of people.

Fridays and Saturdays are peak times because this is when most people are likely to hire for their birthdays, hen nights or stag nights. However you will find that if you were to hold your birthday or hen night on a Sunday or midweek the price difference could be considerable. This is because demand for limousines is a lot less on these days. The limousine companies would far rather their limo goes out than remains in the depot so cheap prices are a definite possibility.

Finally, to get cheap limousine prices you have to book well in advance. This is especially true for proms and weddings but for any event, booking early has many advantages. By booking early, not only will you avoid disappointment and get the limousine you wanted to hire, but the same demand factors for midweek limousine hire apply to early bookings. Limousine companies will never know how busy a particular date is likely to be they can only guess. They are far more likely to offer a favourable price than if you leave it last minute when demand is at its greatest. Prices can in some cases be up to 50 percent less if you book well in advance.

If you book early, fill the limousine to its capacity and hold your occasion midweek or on a Sunday then cheap limo rental is a distinct possibility. Just beware of excessively cheap prices for limousines particularly for Lincoln Town Car limos that sound almost too good to be true. There are many old models around and if quoted a cheap price you may just be getting one.

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